Burn Calories By Walking


Walking is an effective low impact cardiovascular exercise which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and fitness abilities. A morning walk can be a great choice for expelling calories, inducing weight loss and toning the lower body. It is important to keep the walking intense and challenging, therefore burning a greater number of calories during the walk. Below are three tips for increasing the number of calories you burn from walking.

Walk quicker

By simply increasing the speed of a walk you can drastically increase the rate of calorie burning. It is important to initially begin at a comfortable pace, and build the pace up slowly as fitness levels increase. Interval training would be a good technique for many, where we walk for 2 minutes at a normal pace, and then 1 minute quick pace, and so on. Gradually increase intensity to maintain a challenging demand on the body.

Walk uphill, downhill, and up/down stairs

Walking uphill and up stairs is a lot more challenging than walking on a flat surface, and therefore leads to a greater number of calories being used. Pick a walking route which utilises a varying relief, allowing you to walk uphill, downhill, and up and down stairs.

Use wrist weights and use your arms

Each stride taken during a walk can be made more calorie taxing by incorporating the arms more during the movement, and adding some form of resistance. Bend the elbows at ninety degrees and purposely move the arms backwards and forwards during the walk. Try using wrists weights during the walk to increase intensity, or alternatively walk whilst grasping a set of light dumbbells.

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