Gustavo Badell Passes on 2009 Ironman Pro

Ed Nunn is not the only guy who’s passing on the 2009 Ironman Pro. Gustavo Badell also skips the Ironman Pro on January 23-25. I bet you’ll never guess why. Gustavo Badell and his wife are expecting a new addition to their family. “I got the news that my wife was pregnant late last year”, – the soon to be father of three children says.

Badell, who had planned to go in the show, soon realized that training would need much time that he wouldn’t be able to spend time with his family. “Usually, I devote these months to my family”, – Gustavo says. “But I’d have to focus 100 percent on training and diet and that would leave no time for family. So it came down to the show and my family, and like always, family won”. The Badells expect their son in May.

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