Gina Carano “I Like My Boobs…they Are Fun To Play With”

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Gina Carano “I Like My Boobs…they Are Fun To Play With”

During her interview on Maxim’s Hot 100, #16 Gina Carano punches MMA fans and other guys in the face with one of the best comments ever. When asked what her favorite body feature is Gina replies:

“I like my boobs you know, they’re fun, they’re fun to play with”

News flash Gina, everyone else likes your boobs too and while most people probably haven’t had a chance to play with them, we can all agree that they probably are fun to play with. What are you trying to do, torture every living man with lustful thoughts of you playing with your boobs? You’re gona injure some young infatuated guy with talk like that. Who would have thought that your MMA career would give you the power to have so much influence on the sexuality of our society? Maybe you should think about exercising some discipline and not be so sexually explicit when talking about yourself in the future. On second thought maybe you shouldn’t.  We have to admit, we like hearing you talk dirty and we’re sure most of the rest of the world does too.

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