Gina Carano Gets Naked And Shamrock Shoves Kimbo!

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Gina Carano Gets Naked And Shamrock Shoves Kimbo!

Gina Carano, MMA’s most adored female Mixed Martial Artist had to take it all off to make weight for her fight with Kelly Kobald. Unfortunately for all the men and probably some women out there, there was a towel held around her to block the view. Had the towel dropped, it could have started a YouTube sensation bigger than the world has ever seen. Gina maintained her mysteriousness and sex symbol status and weighed in at 141 lbs, making weight and getting her shot at Kelly Kobald who also weighted in at 141lbs.

Kimbo Slice weighed in at 234.5 lbs and had his chance to show his muscle. “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock took the opportunity to shove Kimbo from behind, almost igniting a war between the two on the spot. Shamrock weighed in at 206.5lbs.

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