Frank Mir Talks About Brock Lesnar’s Poor Sportsmanship at UFC 100

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Frank Mir Talks About Brock Lesnar’s Poor Sportsmanship at UFC 100

If you watched UFC 100 you saw Brock Lesnar gave Frank Mir a good old fashion ass whipping.  For that, no one can really say much except “wow, that must have hurt”.  However if you stuck around to see the end of the fight and how Brock Lesnar reacted to his victory, you would have seen a showing of poor sportsmanship that generated a dark cloud over the UFC and MMA as a sport.  Most fight fans would agree that the champ, Lesnar, took his beef with Frank Mir way too far. A Frank Mir quote from the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows what it was like for Mir, on the receiving end of the Lesnar’s poor sportsmanship.

Frank Mir:

“I basically was (within) a half-an-inch of catching him. I knew he was hurt, but he had good leverage, with my shoulder against the cage. I made a stupid mistake. When I stood up, and he’s screaming, it took me a few seconds to realize (what Lesnar was doing). ESPN showed him spitting and hollering. My children are looking. I’m shaking my head, pointing at my kids and going, ‘That’s not how you want to do it, guys. We’ll be cocky, especially before a fight, to help sell it. I didn’t degrade him [when I beat him at UFC 81] and say he was an idiot. There was no point to kick the guy while he was down. OK, I beat the guy. What, am I going to spit on you, too? Hopefully next time, I’ll show him how somebody is supposed to act in victory.”

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