Frank Mir Is Already The Real Champ

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Frank Mir Is Already The Real Champ

First off, I’d like to congratulate Frank Mir on his outstanding performance in this “interim” title fight vs. Nogueira.  Frank truly put on a showing, and proved he is a true student of the game, as Joe Rogan mentions during the fight, Mir is always watching fights and studying the game.

Frank has never looked better.  Everyone knows Frank has never quit, and after this comeback and the road he is currently on, he said it best, “anyone can do it.”  As long as they put in the effort such as he did that is.

Joe Rogan stated Frank is a former champ, current interim champ now, and that he has already defeated the current champ in Brock Lesnar.  I say, Frank is already the REAL champion, and I think both he and Brock Lesnar know it.  How so?

When Randy Couture returned from retirement to take on Tim Sylvia for the strap, he was not even considered a top HEAVYWEIGHT since 2003!  No doubt Randy is a “legend” and a hall of famer, but a LEGITIMATE CONTENDER at the time?  Far from it.  Which brings me to Brock Lesnar…

Lesnar entered the UFC 1-0 after debuting at K-1.  He walked out of his first UFC fight with a loss to Mir.  And after redeeming himself with a DECISION victory over Heath Herring, the UFC decided to offer another man who seemingly wasnt anywhere near the top of the rankings a title shot against Couture…of course for financial purposes, we all know this by now.  Brock ended up running through Randy and capturing what is (KNOWN AS) the (”true”) UFC Heavyweight title.

Which brings us to the REMATCH.  Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar for the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight title.  Going in, Brock will be holding the belt but to me it is Frank who is the current champion, and Lesnar will have the opportunity to call the belt he’s holding onto now LEGIT.

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