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a Question About My...
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a Question About My Cycle

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The following is my current cycle and I had a few questions.
9 weeks
Test 20amps Week 1 500mg, 2-3 750mg, 4-9 500mg
Dbol week 1-3 30mg/day, week 4-6 20mg/day, week 7-9 10mg/day
EQ….when do i start in the EQ and at what doses? Suggestions please!

One more question….if I was to take winstrol…when would be the right time to start it and at what doses.
One of my friends said to use it for onsight injections starting about half way through the nine weeks…only about 10-12 amps worth. Any thoughts?

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First of all, let me say that there is no reason to pyramid your doses. Just run the same level of gear throughout your cycle. If you are going to use 500 mg of test, then do so each week for the entire cycle. The same holds true for EQ, primo Depot, Trenbolone, etc. The amount of what you would use would vary with these drugs, but the dose would remain constant. In other words, you would use Tren At 76 mg eod or EQ at 150 mg eod, for as long as you use them on your cycle. You would run the EQ or tren for the full duration of your cycle.

The D-bol I would only run for the first four weeks of the cycle and then I would switch over to winny. If you do use the winny, you need at least 50 mg eod while you use it. So, if you use it for five weeks, or 35 days, that means you will need 18 amps to see you through to the end.

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i’d end your dbol by the 6th week…..9 weeks is too long Start the EQ asap. I like high doses of 600mg-800mg/wk but most will recommend 400 or so. Do the V at the end of the cycle. You really need more of it. If its 50mg/mL , doing 100mg/eod will only last you 10-12 days..then do your Clomids 100mg/day week 11 and 50mg/day week 12…you did get clomid, right ?

why are you asking questions now …. next time figure out what you’re doing Before you start your cycle….i dont like flaming people but i think its justified…