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Losing Fat And Gain...
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Losing Fat And Gain Some Musle

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been in the gym for 3 months need help cutting some fat.

28% body fat
never done steriods

Run 3 miles aday ride a bike 5 miles aday still not much fat loss.

Dr. Steroids
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the best thing for you right now is to do cardio(stationary bike would be a good one to use.) 6 times a week for 30 minute intervals. If you are just starting then build up to it slowly starting at 10 min then 15 min and so on. You could probably look into taking a product with the ECA stack in it to help increase the amount of fat your body burns.

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what jim said, plus a low carb, low fat diet would also help, plus it takes time to see results so be patient, good luck

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Meke sure you keep your protein intake high, and dont overdo the cardio or you may lose some lean mass. Like said above, take it slow. You can also decrease your rest in between sets for some added cardio benefits.

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I agree a good diet and some cardio and eca/clen a friend of mine is just doing an eca/cen stack. he just started the clen today so I will let you guys know how it works for him