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Deca / Sustanon / Clenbuterol

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hey everybody,
sicman here, Iam happy to finnally be in the group and look forward all the future disscusions that we will have. Adrenaline, I’m the skinny..turning squishy…musician that e-mailed you yesterday. I do need to lower my body fat quite a bit and was wondering if the clomid would still be best or if clenbut is a better choice? any rep[lies welcome

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welcome, clen would do what you want.

the best way to use it is to take enough to raise your body temp .5 to 1 degree and continue with that amount until your body temp returns to normal than take two weeks off and repeat. On off weeks use the ECA stack.

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Great advice DrS…Also I would like to welcome you to the board. Nice to have you…Feel free to post any questions or comments. That is what we are here for to GET BIG together!