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Hey bros, I will be doing a cycle of sos at 500mg per week for 8 weeks. Due to money problems I’m will not be able to stack, so I would like to know if I should be concerned with gyno that way I could save a little more for some nolva. I know everyone reacts different to gyno, but just in general with the amount of sos I will be taking should gyno be a something to worry about. By the way this will be my first cycle, I’ll appreciate any advice. Later bros.

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nah save your money, i think you would look great with a new set a tits, be real bro, it’s your first time on an AS and you’re already considering playing roulete with your body? i am a couple cycles in and i wouldn’t waste a thought of doing a cycle without clomids or novla, i also would wait till you get something to stack with like some d-bols or some gano, this would really help your gains and also are cheap and easy to find. let us know how it turns out for you.

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I have to agree with these guys bro. I used just sus my first cycle at 250mg every third day, and it did not produce anything dramatic, so I would stack. I also did not use clomid, and lost some weight and streangth after the cycle ended. You should make sure to use clomid and allways have a few nolvas on hand b/c even with a low dose of test you may need them as everybody is different.

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Listen to Adrenaline and the others. They speak the truth Iron Bro…

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I know a lot of people that do cycles of testos and don’t bother with the anti-estrogens….some haven’t even had a problem with gyno! Please remember that everybody is a universe all to themselves! We all react differently to each drug.

I personally wouldn’t consider using any testosterone w/out having some anti-estrogens handy. All the advice that our brothers have given you I DITTO! Why would you want to experiment that way….especially on your 1st cycle. If the funds are low simply wait a while before you start your cycle…but make sure you are well prepared!! Remeber….we want pecs not breasts!! Goodluck and let us now how you do!!