Failed Drug Tests, New Orleans Saints May Need A Miracle

The AFP is reporting

Trio of NFL Saints fail drug test: reports

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AFP) — New Orleans Saints rusher Deuce McAllister and defenders Will Smith and Charles Grant are among eight National Football League players who have failed drug tests, reports Saturday said.

The Times-Picayune newspaper of New Orleans and ESPN named the Saints trio who are in London to face San Diego on Sunday as testing positive for a banned diuretic that is often used to mask steroids.

ESPN, citing unnamed sources, also reported that there are eight pending cases of steroid test violations.

A Denver television station Friday said there were at least 10 violations and perhaps more than 15.

At least four of the eight tested positive for the diuretic Bumetanide, water pills used for weight loss and fluid reduction for people with kidney and liver ailments

Already in a jam with a 3-4 record the underachieving New Orleans Saints seem to be in even deeper trouble.

 They sit in last place of a mediocre at best NFC South Division, which is perplexing based on the the talent they have at the skill positions.

 They maintain an offense that should be compared with the best in the league.

 This comes at a really bad time, so far from home in London, and the rest of the season uncertain for three members of the team because of a diuretic that can mask steroids.

 That to me is like banning orange juice because it can mask the taste of vodka.

 A shitty steroid policy is going to come with outragious clauses.

 Once again we come upon commodities (the players) that get paid very well but only when they can make it on the field.

 The NFL is notorious for there non guaranteed contracts, where you make X amount of dollars as long as you play the majority of the season and if you get hurt, most likely trying to help your team into the playoffs, your out of luck.

 So we have Deuce McAllister attempting to return after injury problems over the last few years, and lets say for the sake of this argument he was using steroids.

 Who is the bad guy here, a football player who is trying to get back on the field so he can get paid, or the Owner   and  the League that allows the team not to pay him for a contract they agreed upon.

 I guarantee that if a player decided that since his stats are far better then expected, that he wanted more money for the season already played, he would be laughed out of the office.

 This is a very physical sport and they need  more guarantees from the league, and if this doesn’t change then players with continue to get their support in the form of anabolic steroids.

 Beat your body up for the better of the League but if you get hurt in the process, take up your claims with the nearest brick wall because you will actually get a better response from such a structure then from the governing body.

 There needs to be change in policy or contracts , if not players legitimately trying to lose weight with a diuretic will get suspended because the league can’t properly come to a compromise, and this causes the league to look like they are incapable of controlling the issues internally.

 This leads the Government to think it is best if they step in and handle the steroid issue in the NFL, and that’s as logical as placing me in charge of NASA’s New Technologies Department (because obviously my medical background will really help there).  Believe me I want the Government involved in Pro Sports as much as I want ESPN to cover more Men’s Figure Skating.

 So in the end you have to look at the problem and then take a look at what is causing it.  But that makes too much sense so I won’t hold my breath.

 So I say to the trio , “Do your thing”.

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