Elite XC Is Struggling To Keep The Doors Open

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Elite XC Is Struggling To Keep The Doors Open

Elite XC seems to be having a tough time in establishing a long term profitable position in MMA fight promotion. Even with names like Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano, fickle fans have been hard to lean on . Check this story by Yahoo Sports to get a better idea of what Elite XC is up against.

Yahoo Sports:

Less than three months ago, Elite XC was celebrating the most-watched mixed martial arts event ever in North America, the sport’s debut on CBS featuring Kimbo Slice.

Today, numerous questions are being asked about the future of the company, which canceled two shows in the past week and had several internal layoffs and the resignations of key officers over the last month.

And just as the first network television show on May 31 was a key event in MMA history, the third show, featuring Kimbo’s next match on Oct. 4, seems just as important.

The Sept. 20 Showtime event scheduled for Albuquerque, N.M., was canceled on Friday, just days after the card was announced. In addition, a show called Cage Rage Contenders, run out of the company’s London, England, Cage Rage promotion, scheduled for last weekend was canceled just days ahead of time.

A filing on Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission noted the company was spending significant time and resources to raise up to $3 million in new financing. Company filings also state the promotion has lost about $30 million since its debut show in early 2007.

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