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Spinning is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that improves the fitness greatly. Spinning works on building the stamina, builds leg strength, and can burn up to 800 calories per hour session, much more than running would.

It can be as hard as you want to make it, and will cause the body to heat very rapidly, so it is important to carry water with you and a towel to mop your sweat.

One of the great things about spinning is it is a group exercise performed to music and it is very motivating. Your spinning instructor will talk you through climbs, sprints, and take you on a workout that can become very exhilarating and, for some, addictive.

Spinning may also be called RPM, and the spinning instructors work to music that will motivate people. If you want a tough workout, spinning can provide that. The more resistance that is added during hill climbs, the more calories will be burnt throughout the workout. Some sprints may even be performed with high resistance, which is hard but will improve the leg strength greatly. Use the feet to push through the leg muscles. It may seem weird at first but becomes easier the more it is performed.

Many spinning workouts are forty-five minutes long, others up to an hour. There may even be special charity spins held at your gym, which incur a three-hour spin. This is very tough and will require mental strength, water to replenish the fluid lost through sweat, and high-energy foods that provide instant energy but do not make the spinner feel lethargic or nauseous. One great food, which provides instant energy, is a banana.

Over time, spinning will built the stamina so you can sprint for longer on high resistance, build muscle strength in the thighs, and shape the legs. Some instructors also add exercises to work the abdominals, such as keeping the upper body tense while the legs spin the legs, or work the arms through press-ups.

For anyone who wishes to lose weight, spinning may be the exercise for them. It is very high intensity and burns many calories in such a short space of time. Each song length may be around seven minutes, so after seven songs of equal length, the workout is complete. Although tough, because each song requires various mental strengths to work through, the workout can become very addictive, motivating, and help a person lost a lot of weight.

Put together with weight training, spinning can help you to build the body of your dreams. Weight training works on building muscle, which raises the basal metabolic rate, which is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. Spinning provides a cardiovascular workout and burns many calories. Together with weight training, spinning will burn off any excessive fat to reveal the lean muscle tissue underneath.

Try to spin around two to three times per week to see bodily changes. Follow a sensible diet eighty percent of the time and have one cheat day a week where you eat your favourite foods. Spinning is very effective to build stamina, tone the legs, buttocks, and even work the arms and abdominals.

There are beginner spin classes usually available at the gym for those who have never taken a class before. Then there are intermediate classes, which may include more high intensive sprints and climbs, and advanced classes, which may include abdominal exercises, buttock toning moves, and press-ups moves, as well as high intensity moves such as jumping, which includes raising the body for a set amount of time, then sitting down for the same amount of time and repeat the moves.

Any regular spinning will feel improvements in leg strength, so it is important to push the body to improve the fitness. Test your leg strength, work through the long sprints with a personal mantra, such as, no pain or I can do this easily. Mantras are effective for working through the pain.

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