Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet

vegetarian bodybuilding diet

It is simply untrue that a vegetarian cannot be successful at bodybuilding due to their diet. Planning is required to ensure optimal nutritional intake for a vegetarian bodybuilder, with a variety of protein sources the key to ensure a wider spectrum of amino acids, which lack somewhat in plant based sources compared to animal sources.

Eating a varied diet is recommended for everyone, not just those who follow a vegetarian of vegan diet, but also those who eat animal based products to ensure optimal levels of nutrients for health and well being. A varied intake of plant proteins as part of a vegetarian bodybuilding diet will allow the body to balance the essential amino acids which are key to muscle growth.

There is a verity of vegetarian safe protein based foods, suitable for a bodybuilding diet. Cheese (look on packaging to ensure suitability for vegetarians), eggs, nuts and seeds (especially crushed linseeds which is a great source of essential fatty acids), beans, tofu, and soya, are all suitable for a vegetarian bodybuilding diet. There are a number of protein powders available from online suppliers which are suitable for vegetarians, including isolated soya protein which is a great choice for a vegan bodybuilding diet plan.

Taking the above protein sources into consideration, a bodybuilding diet for a vegetarian or vegan would be composed in a similar way to any other bodybuilding diet. The goal of the bodybuilder will impact greatly on calorie, protein, and carbohydrate levels, and food choices. Those who seek gains in body mass will aim to intake a calorie dense diet to ensure a surplus of calories and protein to aid in the growth of muscle tissue. Reducing body fat will require a calorie deficit, with sufficient levels of protein to spare muscle loss during a negative energy balance with hard weight training.

As with any diet plan, the following sample plan should NOT be stuck to religiously. It is merely a guide to show food choices and timings. Ensure sufficient fluid intake, as well as at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Calorie and nutrient intake should be altered to suit the goals and requirements.

A sample meal plan for a vegetarian bodybuilder looking to gain lean mass.

Wake 7:00am
20g of whey protein in water
Item of fruit
Fruit juice

Weight Training

Post Workout
40g whey protein in water
40g maltodextrin
40g dextrose

2 slices of granary bread with olive oil spread
80g cottage cheese
Mixed salad

20g of whey protein in water
Serving of wholemeal pasta
Mixed beans
Generous serving of mixed salad

Meal Replacement Powder
Item of fruit

Large baked potato
Side serving of mixed vegetables
Quorn burger
Low fat yogurt for desert

Half serving of Meal Replacement Powder
50g cottage cheese
Item of fruit

Before bed
Casein based protein drink with water

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