Dean Lister Is a Full Blown Mac Daddy

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Dean Lister Is a Full Blown Mac Daddy

It is no secret that women tend to like the dangerous type of guys. MMA fighters definitely fall into that category. For some reason, girls tend to like guys that beat the crap out of people for a living. Dean Lister seems to be getting his fair share of the female action these days. Not only does it seem like he is getting lots of action, but the action seems to be of a higher quality. Here are some pics of the last two chicks Mr. Lister has been handling. It seems to me that this guy is doing plenty well as far as girls go. I wonder who this guy will pull down next?

Current Girl – Milena Roucka

ExGirl- Not sure of her name, but she’s hot:

And to think his parents told him to go to college and get a good job like a doctor or lawyer. Little did they know, little Dean would grow up to be a full blown mac daddy. Props to CagePotato for exposing Deans pimpness.

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