CSAC Busts Josh Barnett for Steroids, Random Drug Testing Pays Off, Is Good For MMA

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CSAC Busts Josh Barnett for Steroids, Random Drug Testing Pays Off, Is Good For MMA

There is a new tool the California State Athletic Commission is using to level the playing field in fight sport competition, it is called Random Drug Testing.  Yes, the CSAC has drug tested fighters in the past, but these tests would be performed on the fighters on a specific date at a specific time in which the fighters were aware of far in advance.  Most of the time these tests are done on the winner after the fight or done the day of the fight.  As you could probably figure out for yourself, this allows the drug using athletes time to clean out their system or make preparations to cover up their drug usage.  Random Drug Testing makes this much harder to do.

According to Bill Douglas, the assistant executive officer at the CSAC, Josh Barnett is the first ever random drug test they have done since the CSAC passed the new random drug testing rule earlier in the year.  To everyones surprise, in this very first random drug test, Josh Barnett tested positive for Drostanolone, a true anabolic steroid used to enhance ones physical strength.  This upsetting discovery is likely to eliminate Josh Barnett’s ability to fight Fedor Emelianenko at Afflictions “Trilogy” Event taking place on August 1st.

While the bust of Josh Barnett is a huge upset to MMA fans who have bought tickets to the Trilogy event, and who have been waiting to see his fight against Fedor, a man who many people claim to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world, it is safe to say that this is a positive step forward in California’s Mixed Martial Arts competition. In my opinion, the more level we can make the playing field for these fighters, the more likely we will see true competition.   To be successful in the long term, MMA must be a true sport, where there are rules and regulations governing the competition.  These rules are what sets todays MMA competition apart from “Human Cock Fighting”.

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