Clemens Foundation Made Payments to McNamee

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Clemens Foundation Made Payments to McNamee

Authorities could strike oil as they dig deeper and deeper into the allegations that Roger Clemens used steroids during his pitching career. The veteran of the mound is accused of paying Brian McNamee, a New York personal trainer, for training services and performance-enhancing drugs.

What’s worse, the money is said to have come from Roger Clemens’ nonprofit organization.  McNamee reported to authorities that he received payments from the Roger Clemens foundation from 1998-2001.  Rusty Hardin, Clemens lawyer, has spent the last two years attempting to discredit McNamee.

Hardin commented on the foundation payments, “Obviously, Roger never paid him for any drugs anytime and he never paid him out of the foundation for his training services at any time,” and “The foundation’s records will show that.”

The seven time Cy Young award winner could face civil and criminal charges if the authorities find evidence to back up McNamee’s accusations. However, McNamee was unable to provide prosecutors with documentation to prove payments were received via the Roger Clemens Foundation.

Clemens was named 82 times in the “Mitchell Report”, a report to the commissioner of baseball of an independent investigation into the illegal use of steroids and other performance enhancing substances by players in Major League Baseball. The investigation spanned 21 months and was released on December 13, 2007.

Clemens has been under investigation for perjury since February 13, 2008 after he denied ever using performance-enhancing drugs.


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