Ups & Downs of Artificial Testosterone Use

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artificial testosterone use

Ups & Downs of Artificial Testosterone Use

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly been made aware of the prevalent use of artificial testosterone supplementation in recent years, among everyone from competitive athletes to rule in their arena, to retirees just looking for a boost. Available in a patch, an ointment, or injectable via needle, testosterone will change the life of the lifter in many ways, both good and bad. Let’s examine the ups and the downs of using artificial testosterone for the bodybuilder.

The “UPS”

This part should be self-explanatory. Testosterone is the compound in the body which leads to muscle mass and strength, as well as sexual aggression and virility. Adding more to your system helps in many of the same ways. Users of testosterone grow bigger and stronger very quickly, able to complete more repetitions with a greater amount of weight. Recovery time drops dramatically, and soon the lifter realizes he can train more often with more intensity. Appetite skyrockets as calories are not only burned like in a furnace, but the body is suddenly able to make greater use of the protein grams consumed. Higher assimilation rates mean the muscles are bigger, harder, fuller, and ready to train sooner. Sexual performance and appetite also climbs, and you’ll probably be the first one in the gym, and last one to leave. Who wouldn’t be excited to train when this kind of results were seen every time?


It’s not all rosy, however. Trainers who use testosterone in the artificial version will stifle their body’s own testosterone production by the testes, meaning a cycle of PCT (or post-cycle therapy) will be required in order to get ones own levels rolling again. Some side effects of testosterone use include acne and pre-mature baldness, which counters the goal of many lifters in the first place (to look better). Since testosterone use is forbidden for most lifters (and doctors don’t exactly hand out scripts like they used to), many bodybuilders have to take the illegal route to obtain testosterone. This leads to risk of confiscation, receiving counterfeits, or actually going to jail for your purchase of testosterone, which often carries the same legal ramifications of drugs like cocaine and heroin. Finally, the negative stigma associated with the use of testosterone cannot be ignored. If a doctor prescribes it, then it’s just a necessary medical use. If you obtain it yourself, then you’re a felon. Go figure!


Testosterone use can improve your life in many ways. Make sure you know the associated risks when considering use. Good luck!

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