Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell Talks About Dancing With the Stars

Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell, recently retired former light-heavyweight champ is officially back competing—only this time it’s not in the cage. Liddell will be contending with many other celebrities on the ninth season of, get this, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. That’s right. Here’s what the Iceman had to say for himself.

“I like to dance, but I don’t know how to dance …. I want to win. I don’t like losing in anything, so I’ll work as hard as they’ll let me…I’m gonna go out, be myself, and show what kind of people we do have in this sport. I’m sure the reaction will be mixed (among fight fans). My friends are gonna be excited and I’ll never hear the end of it because they’ll make fun of me, but it should be fun and I think everyone will like it.” 

A lot of MMA fans might be left wondering why the fighter would agree to such a thing….

“They [ABC] asked a couple different times, but it would be too much time to take off from training for fights. Now I don’t have any fights coming up and I’m not training, so it’s something to do…When I talked to them after I agreed to do it, they said if you don’t have any background in dancing, just learn it when you get here. Don’t confuse yourself by starting with somebody and then having to come over and re-learn it…I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited to get started and see where I’m at.” 

Maybe Chuck has something going for him, considering his incredible physical condition; let’s not forget the success of NFL star Emmett Smith on an earlier season of Dancing with the Stars. The premiere airs on Monday, September 21st. Some of Liddell’s competition includes Michael Irvin, Donny Osmond, Tom DeLay, Melissa Joan Hart, Mya, Aaron Carter, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Osbourne.

This should be interesting, if nothing else.

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