Brock Lesnar’s Thoughts On Shane Carwin’s Credentials

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Brock Lesnar’s Thoughts On Shane Carwin’s Credentials

Never at a loss for words, UFC Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar shared his thoughts on his next challenger Shane Carwin.  Lesnar feels that the more experienced Carwin has had easier opponents and has yet to prove himself in the UFC.

From Las Vegas Sun:

“He’s a tough guy. He’s undefeated, but some of the guys he’s beaten aren’t worthy of having on your record. He hasn’t fought anybody. He’s fought (Gabriel) Gonzaga, so I really think he’s 1-0. He’s a tough guy and a wrestler. But he’s a Division II national champion – enough said.”

“I don’t know what he is, 11-0, 10-0, but he’ll have a loss against Brock Lesnar.”

Lesnar has become known for his words just as much as his abilities.  The gigantic heavyweight has proven himself to be able to back up his tough talk however.  Being in the cage with a guy the size of Carwin will be a great test for the champ, as he will be forced to show technique to vanquish a foe that he may not be able to so easily overpower.

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