Brock Lesnar Not a “Liar”, Interview that Pisses off Shane Carwin was a Fake

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Brock Lesnar Not a “Liar”, Interview that Pisses off Shane Carwin was a Fake

In a recent buzz on the net, Shane Carwin expressed that an “Interview” with Brock Lesnar on essentially consisted of Brock Lesnar lying about meeting Carwin and having their punch strength tested.  Well, a new statement has come out from GroundNPound that the Brock Lesnar “interview” that Carwin was fired up about was completely fake.  Here is what GroundNPound had to say:


First off, GNP would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his fans and all the site members. June 23rd an interview was posted on the front page, somehow access was gained to the main administrator account and the person responsible posted the “fake” interview. I’m not sure if the interview was real and just copy/pasted from another source or if the interview was just made up by the person who gained access to the site. Either way, GNP, myself or any of the other admins on the site had anything to do with it. Again, we are sorry that it happened and we are both looking into the actual cause and method used to gain access. rest assured we will take steps to prevent it from happening again as we find the holes in our security. 

Well there you have it.  It doesn’t appear that Brock Lesnar ever “lied” about anything, and Shane Carwin was all fired up about nothing.  Hey, this kind of wacky stuff happens now and again, but I think it is important that GNP has stepped up and set the story straight for the MMA fans.

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