Boston’s “Three Amigos” Hate Rajon Rondo

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Boston’s “Three Amigos” Hate Rajon Rondo

We need to start with two things:

1.  I’m a Laker fan.

2.  I honestly believe what I’m about to say to be true—it’s not just because I’m a Laker fan.

I think the Boston Celtics are harboring an internal conflict. I’m not saying they aren’t a great team—they are a fine basketball team.

The only problem is that they have come about their greatness with a suspicious amount of ego. Every player in every professional sports must have a healthy ego, but the Celtics’ players take it too far.

The odd combination of unneeded ego and an average coach has led to this conflict, which could possibly sink them in the NBA Finals. This conflict could cripple their franchise for years to come if they aren’t careful.

What conflict? Just stick with me and you’ll see that there’s more the Celtics than Green and White.

Prelude to an Internal Conflict

When Kevin McHale colluded with Danny Ainge to send Kevin Garnett to the Celtics from Minnesota it made the Celtics into an instant contender. It took Doc Rivers from the brink of being fired to title-winner.

When the Celtics landed Ray Allen—the clutchest shooter in history—that simply made them that much better. It also made Doc Rivers look even better than he really is.

Now, the team had beaten down the cute, little SportsCenter “Three Amigos” commercial, won a championship, and restored Celtic pride.

Paul Pierce then announced that he was the best basketball player in the world. The team got over-confident and couldn’t get past the Magic last season.

The whole time the “Three Amigos” thought they were the only reason the Celtics won a championship. At least you can say more than that for Kobe—he knows he’s been on both sides of the “superstar coin.”

Now they have to contend with age and the idea that someone else on the Celtics is “leading” the team. They are playing great basketball, but they aren’t honoring their teammates—actually, one teammate in particular.

The Conflict

KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are having a hard time dealing with Rajon Rondo leading the team. Of course, this suggests that the “Three Amigos” fail to understand that, as their Point Guard, that’s his job.

Rondo distributes the ball, pulls down rebounds and runs the offensive sets. I could go with rumors that Paul Pierce dislikes Rondo because Rondo doesn’t run plays for him.

I could go with rumors that Ray Allen doesn’t feel like he gets enough shots because Rondo handles the ball too much. I could go with rumors that Garnett feels like he’s occasionally left out because he’s not as quick as he used to be.

I’m not going there. The bottom line is that the “Three Amigos” think they own this team when none of them is the best player on it.  They want to have complete control—and that desire for control will kill this team.

In short, they hate Rajon Rondo for taking over their team.

How Do I Know This?

The funniest evidence for my theory lies in an interview ESPN did with Kevin Garnett. After the Celtics finished dismantling the Cavs in the 2nd Round of the playoffs, Kevin Garnett opened his mouth and gave me all the ammunition I needed:

“You have to understand that chemistry is a hard thing to come by. All year we’ve been dealing with chemistry problems. You know, [Rajon] Rondo, he’s getting better and we’re fitting him in. At some time he’s going to take this team over and that was a big adjustment for us. But he’s a great addition to our team. I think the chemistry is starting to be sound now and we’re playing firm basketball.”

Celtics Leaders

Paul Pierce 19.4
Ray Allen 16.5
Rajon Rondo 16.5
Kevin Garnett 14.9

“They” Said

  • Boston Three Amigos
  • Go Rondo? Go Boston?
  • Conference Finals Notes

Celtics Games

  • June 06 @ Lakers; 8PM ET on ABC
  • June 08 vs. Lakers; 9PM ET on ABC

He’s a great addition? You’ve been working on chemistry all year. You’re “fitting him in?” He’ll take over this team “some time?” Doesn’t this sound like the “Good Old Boys Club” and Rondo isn’t invited?

News Flash to the “Three Amigos”:  The best player on the Boston Celtics is Rajon Rondo.  He’s been dragging your team through the playoff. You have no right to “fit him in” when he is running the point the way he is.

Garnett is talking about the same person who went for 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists in a Game 5 win against Cleveland. Yeah right KG, you’re just “fitting him in.”  You guys have been “tweaking” the offense. T-W-E-A-K-I-N-G. I get it now.

Those are the words of an insecure superstar who lucked into a championship and all-of-the-sudden thinks he’s Bill Russell.

Mr. Garnett. My Daddy knows who Bill Russell is, and you sir, are no Bill Russell.

The Result

Of course, for me, this is partly “wishful thinking,” but I believe we’re about to come to a crossroads. Rajon Rondo has taken over the Celtics, but he’s about to do it on a national stage with the whole world watching.

He will lead the Celtics to at least two victories in this NBA FinalPersonally, I think the Lakers will win the title 4-2. Both of the victories for Boston will be led by a supreme act of basketball heroics from Rondo.

Boston’s 4 defeats will feature the “tweaking” Kevin Garnett has been doing. The only problem is that Rondo won’t be able to fit three hotheads into the offense all at the same time and frustration will set in.

Pierce will be upset that Rondo doesn’t feed him the ball enough. Kendrick Perkins will get in on the action and get his “real” 7th Technical Foul and be suspended a game.

Garnett’s knees will show their age as Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom continually run around him for easy baskets. He’ll blame Rondo—internally—for his problems and all hell will break loose.

We’ll see the real difference between Phil Jackson—a man with 10 titles; and Doc Rivers—a guy who got saved by a bogus trade. Sure, the Lakers landed Gasol for nothing, but they didn’t trip on that 2009 title—they had to earn it after losing to Boston in 2008.

Boston’s entitlement will get in its own way. Larry Bird never thought he was entitled to anything, nor did Bill Russell. This version of the Celtics feels entitled to a ring.

While Rondo sets them up for 6-8 years of success with a solid Point Guard the “Big 3″ will resent Rondo’s rise to power.

And every second they spend feeling entitled or resentful, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom will run over Garnett and Perkins—redeeming themselves after being humiliated in 2008.  The Lakers are taking this one home—with some help from a bitter Celtics squad.

Payback’s going to be a bitch in Boston.

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