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Body Types

You already know, that people having different body types should plan their workout differently as well in order to achieve results faster and exercise more effectively. When talking about delicate correction of physical forms with the help of physical exercises, the three categories described in the article “Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic and Endomorphic Body Types” do not provide enough material to work with. The classification needs to be extended a little bit – here are 6 body types.

A-Shaped Body Type

Narrow shoulders and a little wider pelvis; the body seems to have a “heavier” lower body – plum legs and buttocks; tendency towards fat deposition on the area below the waist (the upper body may even seem to be rather skinny); slow metabolism (if the person does not watch the diet carefully, then the weight goes up fast).

H–Shaped Body Type

Wide or medium skeleton; small chest; plump legs; visually it seems that shoulders, waist, and thighs have similar width; there is a tendency toward fat deposition in the belly and thigh areas; moderate metabolism rate.

I-Shaped Body Type

Thin skeleton; skinniness; weak muscular system; little fat deposition if any; fast metabolism (do not gain weight no matter how much you eat).

O-Shaped Body Type

Thick bones; wide basin and shoulders; plump thighs, breasts, arms; obvious excess fat throughout the body frame; low metabolism (gain weight even when eating relatively little).

Т-Shaped Body Type

Wide shoulders, wider than basin; fat is mostly stored on the upper body (back, chest, sides); medium metabolism (gain weight only when overeating).

X-Shaped Body Type

Medium bone thickness; shoulder-width is about equal with the width of the thighs; narrow waist; full chest; fat is deposited on buttocks and thighs; medium metabolism (gain weight only when overeating).

Examine yourself carefully in the mirror, and compare what you see with what has been described above. And then – go for some workout.

Training and Body Type

With the help of correctly chosen trainings and diet you can develop muscles with any body type, yet people with different types have to go through different problems along the training process even if they share the same long-term goal.

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