Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic and Endomorphic Body Types

Determining your body type means doing half the work towards the perfect figure. Think for yourself, can different “types” really do the same workout scheme? No they can’t, there is no doubt about that! People with different body types react differently to the same training system. An exercise perfect for one person can be useless for the other one. Each type needs a specially designed individual training program. Only such program can provide fast and effective results. Many bodybuilders spend a lot of time for the search of their own training system, but the worst thing is that ineffective trainings destroy the faith in sport and steal motivation. There are three major body types which are called somatotypes.


Ectomorph is characterised by short trunk, long arms and legs, long and narrow feet and hands, and also little fat deposition. Those people have narrow chest and shoulders, while the muscles are long and thin. Ectomorphs have rather fast metabolism, hence they rarely have issues with excessive weight; on the other hand, developing muscles is harder for them.


Mesomorph has wide chest, long trunk, firm muscle structures and good strength. Those people are born athletes.


Endomorph has gentle muscular system, round face, short neck, wide hips, and significant fat deposition. Typical endomorph is a chubby person, with a relatively high fat percentage comparing to the muscle mass. Those people gain weight rather easily and fast. Fat in those people is usually stored on thighs and buttocks.

What Body Type Do You Have?

Unfortunately we do not meet people with clearly defined body type very often. People usually display characteristics of various body types at the same time. Altogether there are about eighty eight subtypes according to the existing classification; the subtypes come about due predominance of some particular features of the main body type. The level of predominance is ranked in points, from 1 to 7. For instance, if your body is characterised by ectomorphic characteristics – 2 points, mesomorphic -6, and endomorphic – 5, then you are called endomesomorph; your body type is mostly athletic with well developed muscular system but at the same time you are predisposed towards excessive fat deposition.

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