Advertisements & My Relations With These Sources

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Advertisements & My Relations With These Sources

I spent some of yesterday going through and link related to me or my blog, I was really surprised how many were on the net. I had well over 15 pages , and some was good, some was bad and some was indifferent.

I did notice some remarks on a board I have never heard , and most of you probably haven’t heard of either ( and I don’t want to change that so… )  , but they were making a lot of  comments about my advertisements and how my opinion is unbiased about those products.

First of all I have many more offers for advertisement than the ones I have, I choose them based on quality, sent me some samples before I took them on. Mainly because I warned them that if their products were not quality , then I would let all my readers know such.

I also heard that they are scammers, which as far as I know is not true, and I am confident about that statement because Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has a scratch off portion on the box that has a batch code so it cannot be duplicated ( cheaply that is ) , so it is a fail-safe.

Now if anyone has proof , that they were scammed I would take them off my site immediately.

This goes for any of my sources.

I choose, because his reputation is very good and has many years of top notch service.

In an industry where 9 out of 10 are scammers, and even some of the good ones go out with one big scam, this is admirable.

In the end, all we have is our word so I take it very seriously.

I have only one purpose, to protect the average user of steroids, from scammers, from unsterile roids, and from themselves.

And remember in a world of scammers the most hated is normally the most honest, and the ones with the largest following is normally the least.

There are exceptions to the rules, not many though.

Thank you for reading my post and please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at [email protected] .

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