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gracyanne barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa

On the network is almost no information on the popular fitness model and dancer from Brazil – Gracyanne Barbosa, famous for her incredibly developed buttocks (and the rest of her group of muscles at a high level). Gracyanne somehow is not working hard to go beyond the portuguese-speaking segment of the Internet.

Gracyanne Barbosa was born in Campo Grande, Brazil 20/09/1983. At the age of 16 years – Gracyanne moved from Campo Grande to capital, to study in a law school. However, due to financial problems Barbosa had to work as a dancer, and then Gracyanne joined Tchakabum – groups working in the style of “Asha” (a popular genre of music in El Salvador, and Brazil). In late 2008, Barbosa left the group and began working as a model.

Barbosa is primarily known as a star of different schools of samba festivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In this capacity, she performed in 2007 (to this day).

In February 2007, Gracyanne Barbosa appeared on the cover of the Brazilian edition of the magazine Playboy.

In 2012, the Internet was “blown up” by videos and photos of Gracyanne allegedly easy to squat with a barbell weighing 200 kg, which was the subject of active debate in bodybuilding forums.

18/02/2012 Gracyanne Barbosa married the popular Brazilian singer Belo (before Belo was married to another popular Brazilian samba dancer, with whom divorced in 2007. Divorce was preceded by rumors that the Belo cheated on his wife with Gracyanne Barbosa).

Gracyanne Barbosa Anthropometry:

Height: 175cm

Weight: 70kg

Waist: 68cm

Hip girth: 102cm

Chest: 98cm

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