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Is a legit steroids source or a scam one ? is an approved and verified steroid source:

  • It is a fully tested steroid source;
  • Delivers packages;
  • High quality steroid products on sale.

Shipping: Worldwide
Pricelist: Anabolic Steroids Pricelist
Online since: 2004 General Overview store carries a few brands of steroid manufacturers, such as: Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon, Singani Pharma and some other peptides manufacturers.

According to their website, all products can be shipped worldwide by Registered Regular Airmail. Average delivery time is from 7 to 14 business days and they do require a shipping charge of $28.00 (for orders over $600.00, they may offer a free shipping promotion). -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here:

gen-shi laboratories supplier -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here:

If you have your own user experience with -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!

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  1. mustafa5903 - 2016-06-01 9:03 AM

    This is a review for the tren base and anadrol 50

    Very discreet well packaged

    First time ever using the tren base. I used it 3 weeks out prior to show and my workouts completely changed as well as my physique. I was running tren from a different source at around 600mg a week and added this tren base at .5cc pre workout up to 1cc pre workout up to my show and it hit me so fast. My veins were thicker and stuck out more even when I thought I was already sharper. Veins were coming out my head. The couch was terrible though. Worst cough Ive ever had . The anadrol I ran 4 weeks out at 25mg am and 25mg before bed. I did this to stay fuller and tighter in which I did. Im a huge advocate for anadrol & halotestin pre contest. It’s worked for me wonderfully

    Excellent gear from a trusted source.

  2. Realrgr - 2016-06-02 8:31 AM

    I have been using A-S for a year, off and on cycle. This is the best SRC I have dealt with.

    Even though they seems to be extremely busy during promos they always responds back to me. They are knowledgeable and knows their business.

    Nice and quick delivery. Faster than other suppliers.

    I started with npp, bold, and test cyp. I slowly built the dosage. My strength improved dramatically and I have gained 20 lbs since the start of my cycles. I took some time off and started with ripexx as a kicker. I then used anomass at 3ml per week and tren/mast/sust at .5 ml every other day. I upped the dose as my body got used to previous dose. My body recomped dropping down to 10% bf and a solid 215 lbs. I started at 195 and probably 16% bf.

    You can’t go wrong with this SRC.

  3. Psaletta - 2016-06-07 8:31 AM

    Placed my order and got confirmation with in 24 hrs. I ordered test prop, tren ace and mast. I’ve ran this stack from Dragon Pharma before with sick gains. Legit gear is the #1 online source.

    Super smooth injections with the added numbing agent. Very clean gear and always great gains.

    I’ve used a few others (no names) and have yet to get the quality and potency of gear that I do from Dragon Pharma!

  4. Highstakes_lowrider2 - 2016-06-09 8:11 AM

    I do recommend shopping here, have been purchasing from A-S for a long time and have never had an issue with them. I will continue to purchase from them 🙂

    Very fast communication and always answers any queries.

    Dragon pharma anavar, very good product. Swapped over from furze to dragon anavar and the difference in quality is noticeable. Dragon pharma is a very good lab and I am glad has started stocking it!

    Try out, nothing but pleasant experiences 🙂

  5. DHulk - 2016-06-14 7:25 AM

    Got in on the generous Dragon Pharma Winstrol promo. always wanted to try Dragon Pharma oral happy to have gotten the chance to.

    Pack was super discreet t/a under 2 weeks to the states.

    Been on almost 4 weeks at 50-75mg everyday. my left elbow starts to act up at 75mg but the pumps and muscle hardening at 75mg is on point

    2 weeks in i started to feel the muscle hardening. my abs were starting to show. fairly clean diet 2 cheat meals a week. 2 training sessions a day.

    3rd week 75mg a day i literally feel like a rock. i keep getting asked if i compete in physique. I look more defined and i gained 5lbs of good lean and hard muscle i went from 175 to 180 with abs!

    strength is good. i cant lift too heavy on winstrol because of the joint issues. so instead benching 315lbs+ its more like 225-275lbs to failure thats fine with me though. Always small price to pay to have an excellent physique.

    Thank you for letting me sample this great product.

  6. Ragnarok1 - 2016-06-16 8:35 AM

    This is a review for Gen-Shi Anavar 10mg

    I never had to contact them. All information was sent to me in a timely manner as to not have me wondering what was going on with the order.

    Very discrete and very securely packaged No broken products. Received package in undrer 2 weeks to US.

    I was currently taking another sources anavar and I switched to the Gen-Shi Anavar as I have heard and seen mass specs on the quality of the Gen-Shi Anavar. I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact I noticed that the Gen-Shi Anavar was much better that the anavar I was currently running. I used it at 30 mg per day until the product was gone. I became leaner more vascular and stronger after about a week of running product. Unfortunately I did not order enough to complete the cycle and had to switch back to the other source anavar and that was disappointing. I used it as a kicker for a test prop and mast prop cycle.

    This was the first time I have used any products from and it wont be my last. Communication, T/A and quality products were all exceptional.

  7. Mingo1 - 2016-06-21 7:50 AM

    Order from this guy as a new source, and I didn’t regret it always a little weary when ordering but had to since my last guy closed up. Store is very manageable carries a good variety which is the spice of life. Well dosed and plentiful, which is what I like. placing another asap. Def give this guy a shot if ur looking for a new source

    Communication was great, a lil error on my part he got with me we fixed it and bam good to go. You won’t need much in terms of comms, he’s spot on.

    Once I fixed the mix up it took maybe 6-7 days and that was it def to my liking.

    Package was nice, neat and tight very discreet. No breaks or leaks

    Ran his sust with what I already had went 16 weeks on it loved every pin, went from 220 to 238 with the help of his tren and test . Ran the tren 9 weeks strength through the roof vascular like crazy, libido …poor wife didn’t walk right, all of it was smooth. The tren had me gym fighting weights sweats all the time and insomnia which wasn’t horrible adjusted dosage and that mostly went away, all in all great gear.

    Def looking forward to this order I’m trying to place..def give this guy a shot. If u like good goodies this it .if u don’t ….I pity da fool.

  8. Kayzersozey - 2016-06-23 8:30 AM

    well what should i tell that has not been said about this great source! as always iam satisfied very fast shipment and gooood Products!

    A-S’ communication and support are Great!

    Very Discreet packaging never came broken or like this! everytime very good packaging!

    well iam impressed by Dragon pharma products i ve been used awesome 1ml DP cypionat 1ml DP blend iam getting realy hard great stamina and power in my exercises great and legit products would recommend to anyone

  9. Tren11 - 2016-06-28 9:35 AM

    Ordered a few vials of Tren-E, product is great quality and the website is easy to use with killer prices. I highly recommend this site if they have something you’re looking for.

    Awesome, always responds in less than a day in a polite professional way. Much better than most similar websites I have used.

    Been blasting the Tren-E from Kalpa for 12 weeks now. Crazy strength gains, size gains, and vascularity gains. Using 700mg/wk and getting all the standard Tren side efects along with the gains so I know its legit. Fantastic product, dosages seems accurate.

  10. Bershane231 - 2016-06-30 8:17 AM

    This is my review from A-S and I must admit that it was a great cycle and everything went even better than I expected.

    Communication with A-S was almost instant. Never waited 24hrs for a reply and it was done in a professional manner. Every question was answered.

    Everything was on point with regards to T/A and packaging. Items were wrapped securely and nothing exploded or leaked. I got my package in no less than 8 days. Shipping was definitely fast.

    Test E x3

    I used Test E for approximately 12 weeks and it was amazing. Injections were smooth and pain free and pip was non existent. Strength and definition was gradually increasing and all lifts went up more than 25lbs. I gained 10lbs on cycle and was pleased with the overall results.

    A-S will now be my go to supplier for all future cycle. The transaction was flawless

  11. eclipso war - 2016-07-04 4:48 AM is the shit, the communication is on spot, he’s a solid down to earth dude with a good head on his shoulders, the products are insainly great! I have tried several different products from him and have had My mind blowin away. He is good to his word, products are the best I have ever had, I tryed several different brands from others and nothing stands up to his stuff!! Customer for life!! I currently have made two orders this weeks with in two days. Already got the first one. And impressed.

    Top notch best I have come across. Replies in minutes to a half hours,

    Very solid package, very discreet an packaged to the point I could hurle it at the ground and not have to worry about the products in side

    Dragon pharma’s deca 3000,Dbol, test e 250, cut mix,test prop 100.

    They all are top notch, no pip at all. Very pure stuff and reliable and not as toxic as others,I have been using his products for bout 6-7 months and haven’t found anything better! Nor side effects!

  12. CREEPlNG_DEATH - 2016-07-06 6:38 AM

    The reason im hooked on is because the quality and service is better than any source I have tried and he always has great promos! I have only placed a couple of orders but have been using A-S for a while because a buddy of mine. The first time used him was for a 12 week test, deca and dbol 50mg cycle and my strength and size were more than they ever had been. I went from 220 to 264 and looked leaner. I was also using caber and hcg and aromasin which helped with the water weight. All products were all different brands he carries (pfizer, genshi, dragon pharma, kalpa and balkan) and everything worked extremely well. I have since placed a couple orders and plan on using him more and more when funds allow it which isnt hard when he consistently has 50% off.

    Packaging was great as well, my last order had a leak on 1 vial but wasnt much and wasnt from how it was packaged. Whoever delivered it was not gentle with it. There was actually a shoe print on the envelope so I know thats why it had a leak not because of A-S.

    These are from multiple orders, different cycles and different brands but everything I have used with great results. Organon: HCG 5000 iu



    Dragon Pharma: DECA 300 10 ML/VIAL (300MG/ML)

    Dragon Pharma: TEST E 250 10 ML/VIAL (250MG/ML)

    Ill just focus on my first run with A-S.

    The cycle

    Test e 500mg per week for 12 weeks

    Deca 600 mg per week for 12 weeks

    Dbol 50 mg per day for 5 weeks

    Aromasin 12.5 mg Every other day for the duration of cycle

    Caber .5 mg twice per week

    Hcg 500iu twice per week Like i said I went 220 to 264 during this 12 week cycle and looked noticebly leaner. I had zero issues with deca dick, gyno and kept most the water weight off and was stronger than ever before.

    He is really awesome to deal with and definitely takes care of you if you have any issues!

    There are a lot of great sources but he stands out for me.

  13. jbc1109 - 2016-07-07 8:14 AM

    Another successful order from

    Communication was excellent through the whole process. There was a little glitch in the funds transfer but it was fixed quickly and everything went smoothly after that. My pm’s and emails were always answered promptly.

    Packaging was adequate and discreet. Nothing was damaged in transit. T/A was 14 days from funds pickup international.

    The Cialis provides for a good erection in about and hour for me that lasts plenty long enough for a great time. I’ve pushed it 24 hours and it was still kicking in. Haven’t tried to push it longer than that since the alternative is not favorable.

    I use the Clenbuterol, 40mg, about an hour before workouts for a little extra energy and it definitely helps after a long days work and a couple hours at the gym ahead of you. It makes me a little jittery at times but nothing major. I’ve found it best for me to eat or have a big protein shake before taking. Doesn’t seem to cause the jitters as bad that way.

    I’ve placed 3 orders with A-S and all have been a success. Tracking is provided and has worked every time.

  14. CAPER1984 - 2016-07-19 8:53 AM

    After careful selection, I took a chance on A-S and was extremely impressed. The service I used to find as great, was far out done by A-S in every way possible. Its great to have a source like this on your way back into the mix. Thanks A-S

    Communication was always within 24 hours, not that you will need it. They cover all ends so questions rarely arise..

    Fastest of any source, well packaged.

    Test P x 3

    Dbol 20mg


    Test prop was noticed within the week, the usual signs (increased libido, hard on all day, feeling more confident), although I waited for 3 weeks before this review to make sure all 3 items were legit. I started at 156lbs, im using prop 120mg eod, dbol 35mg ed, and proviron ed, jump 3 weeks forward, im 173lbs. Pumps are insane, they last most of the day, strength has gone up (not too too much as its just been 3 weeks, but enough that its noticeable). My diet isn’t the cleanest, but having been at such a low weight, I began eating all I could at every chance, and the dbol has helped with my hunger, so I know I wont hold all this weight, but if I can keep 8+ lbs at then end of it all, ill be content.

    Highly suggest using them, every area of this order gets 10 stars from me.

  15. scottybey - 2016-07-21 8:20 AM

    This is review for a fairly recent order of dragon pharma test e and dragon pharma dbol

    Was very quick and helpful. Had trouble registering to the site on a mobile phone but was steered in the right direction.

    Product came a day early which i wasnt expecting as i was out had to collect from the local post office. Packaging was discreet and tabs had bubble wrap inside to stop any rattles.

    Both products worked well. The dbol gave me good gains at the start of cycle with mad back pumps tho i started using 30mg a day then 1st week and effects were only slightly apparent but still there. I bombed the dose to 50mg a day in the next week and had all the usual effects one should expect. Good gains and pumps specially in my back was savage even when i was at work using certain tools back pumps had me stopping every 5-10 mins lol.

    The Test e seemed to take quite a while to kick but it did and i kept making great strength and muscle gains. I used a older batch of this stuff at start of cycle from another source and continued with a newer batch from this source they both felt exactly the same and produced the goods.

    I experienced Some signs of gyno which i had to treat although i cant mention how it went as med was from another source

    Very good source very fast t/a and helpful will and have just used again A+

  16. Iron-Gym-Works - 2016-07-26 11:15 AM

    Another Good Product among many others from Further reviews will follow on many other produts

    Discreet pak with super quick T/A

    I was already running Dragon Pharma EQ 300 wich i started of frontloading for the first 2 weeks at 1200mg per week and decided to pick up another bottle, My Kcals were clipped and cleaned up and the conditioning was starting to come through, strength was holding and Energy was up. im 5 weeks in now.

    I could tell the bold was doing its job, as was the test i stacked it with, the tbol had not yet kicked in @ 50mg so decided to up that at 75mg wich worked wonders, This stuff is working!!

    test was set to 900mg, Bold at 600mg and tbol now at 75mg.

    I willl switch to a rip blend soon to finish this cut, but all in all im happy with everything, both the cut process and the products.

    i will add further reviews as i have so many products lined up, will also add some pics of the products and my conditioning on the mentioned products, so you can see for yourselfs the quality. BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ FOR IT’S GREAT SERVICE AND PRODUCTS.


  17. Zamib - 2016-07-28 7:30 AM

    Excellent source

    Top notch support and customer service

    Discreet packaging

    I ran this stack according to the following protocol:

    Test E: 1G/week…… 16weeks

    Mast E: 800mg/week……… 16weeks

    Tbol: 60mg/day…………. 6 weeks

    Strength, energy and libido were through the roof. I gained tremendous amount of size and this stack has proved to be very successful in terms of packing mass. There was no considerable increase in body fat percentage. Took hot baths after pinning and had no problem with pip. My muscles were round, fuller and vascular. I achieved great deal of vascularity at the end. Libido and overall well being were through the roof. Hunger attacks from Eq proved significant.

    Top source

    I recommend

  18. Warthor - 2016-08-02 9:29 AM


    I was impressed… They answer every little question in a matter of hours.

    Internationnally: 10 days it was at my door.

    Once again, wow. Discrets, well protected.

    They are so good, that their stock get emptied so fast, that I can’t get all I want in one order…

    But then again, their shipping price is so good thats it don’t bother me much. Overall, GREAT SOURCE!

  19. Iron-Gym-Works - 2016-08-04 9:35 AM

    Accurate Honest Review

    Dragon Pharma Deca, Dbol, Test E
    Kalpa Drol, Letrozole

    Deca = Clean, strong, Effective, Will buy Again

    Drol = Got No Response from this Drol tabs, 100mg PD did nothing

    Dbol , Added 50mg to the Drol after 2 weeks because the Drol was Crap, this added a little kick while waiting for the Test+deca to kick, but wasn’t really happy, Usually 100mg Drol+50mg Dbol will have me climbing the walls and snaping the Bars in half, but not this time. Week 4 I dropped the Tabs and moved forward with the test+ Deca, Luckily the injectables Did the job.

    Kalpa are a Hit and Miss Lab I thinks its fair to say. I have another Tub of Kalpa Dbol, will review this along with other products at a later date.

    Dragon Pharma Test, Clean test, very smooth, I like it

    Letrozole, By far the best product here, Very high quality E2 killer, it did the job, and then some.

    Very impressed with the injectables, loving the Dragon Pharma deca + the letro is in another league.

    Shame about the Orals though,

    Thanks goes out to for such a great Service.

    Have already placed another order, will review at a later date

  20. ironcarpenter52 - 2016-08-09 9:14 AM

    Been a good twelve weeks on the Sustanon. It’s working. I have went up a good solid TEN pounds. Been busy doing me lately and showed faced to family today. Well they said are you working out. So if they can tell I Know it’s working. Only thing is I hate long esters. Shit it has taken months for family to see it. Either way it has done its job. And I would recommend this but be patience. And eat and work your ass off. So weight went up, still have the same attitude. I still sweat at night as I did on tren. I always sweat on gear. But overall been the best bulk I’ve done. I hate bulking but there is a reason.

    Been 12 on the t400. Just threw in the sust a week ago. Eod. Quality is there just my body first like long esters. Can’t knock till you try. But over all I gained some good muscle.

  21. Highstakes_lowrider2 - 2016-08-11 1:55 PM

    Great supplier, would definitely recommend

    Always responds to emails and questions and does so promptly.

    6-8 days to aus. Never had a seisure

    Kalpa tren ace, Dragon pharma tren ace, kalpa anavar

    Been using for a few months now. I love the dragon pharma’s tren ace.. Awesome product. Kalpa tren ace seems to be a bit underdosed but i wouldnt blame the supplier for that as that is a problem to do with the lab. Kalpa anavar is also great! Hardness, dryness, vascularity and pumps are all great!

    Would recommend this supplier, great to deal with, never had an issue!

  22. mazzel - 2016-08-17 10:53 AM

    have made several purchases from A-S. always prompt and good service

    always quick reply to questions

    well packed: kalpa test e, anavar, clomid, hcg, novaldex, armidex

    12 week test e cycle with 6 weeks anavar. complete 4 week pct

    have gained good results and would order again

  23. testmaniandevil - 2016-08-18 9:13 AM

    Website down?

  24. RicoRavage - 2016-08-23 9:15 AM

    I was a little wary at first since I’ve never used this source but A-S came through big time! Amazing customer service, best website I’ve used so ordering was super smooth. A-S answered all of my questions asap and once payment was received I had product in hand 7 days later! I’ve been using the rips for over a week and I’m sleeping great, bloated and hands are numb. Body fat is already starting to drop. Products are definitely good! Thanks A-S!

  25. biguriel - 2016-08-25 9:59 AM

    I was cruising on Kalpa test E and went to 2 amps of this sust per week. I noticed increased hunger, sweating and water retention within a couple of days, typical of test for me. I’m starting to see the results in the gym now, mild strength gains as test never makes me all that strong, but great stamina, using lots of volume and always ready for more. Looking a bit smooth but that’s to be expected (not using any AI). All in all feels just like 500mg of other good labs I frequently use (most often Kalpa), which is a good thing. Sust has a bit of a reputation for PIP but I haven’t had any issues with this at all.

    Thumbs up on this new lab’s sust from me.

  26. JPSB83 - 2016-08-30 8:23 AM

    this is probaly my 10th time ordering. have tried a massive range of products that has A-S site.

    packaging is top notch, always recieved my products

    been on the Kalpa’s test and tren for a week. gains are good so far. need another week before i see major results.

    been using for about a year now. never let me down. always get the right products (no mistakes, unlike other sources i have tried). there is a reason why A-S is the best on the net.

  27. thegripreaper - 2016-09-04 10:18 AM

    This is a long over due review of ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ. I’ve placed 3 orders through them and get the same good service each and every time. Communication is brilliant, payment is straight forward and every single time I’ve ordered I’ve received my products the very next week. Looking forward to trying their other products. People-Order in confidence you will not be disappointed!

    Clomid and Tamoxifen is good to go, made my recovery much easier. Kalpa Sust 350 is also great. Currently 4 weeks into 12 weeks cycle and up 16lbs already (albeit it alot of water), libido is up and strength is beginning to rise nicely so the stuff is legit. Have begun using the adex which seems to have reduced bloat so gtg I say. Have not used the Test Eth yet so cannot comment as to its quality.

  28. Serious Jay - 2016-09-06 8:59 AM

    This time ordering my stuff online

    Just popped some winny tabs today, Can’t rate the Winny or test prop yet what I will be shooting tomorrow.

    But All looks legit & seems good to go. This is my first time ordering online so I made a small sample order first to test the suppliers waters. Will report back on my gains & the quality of the product in the coming weeks.

  29. giveusabreak - 2016-09-08 10:10 AM

    Placed order for Arimidex (Arimixyl) by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Quick response, quick delivery. Well packaged and good communication. Actually the communication was spot on, kept me informed from start to finish. Using adex EOD and have no water retention, no estrogen related sides. Happy & will order from again again.

  30. Rachel - 2016-09-13 2:20 AM

    How do I contact these people? I’ve submitted two tickets to no avail.

    • DrS - 2016-09-14 10:49 AM

      Through their contact page 🙂

      • Rachel - 2016-09-16 4:43 PM

        Thanks, DrS. I’ve done that and no one is responding….

  31. robxl12321 - 2016-09-14 12:49 PM

    Kalpa pharma test prop

    This is my review for a product I stood by for awhile and came back and I can’t say I’m not disappointed.

    The communication is perfect you ask a question wait a bit bam he responds. Process is smooth quick and painless.

    The time of arrival is always great. I’ve never waited more than a week. It usually with in 7 days which is lighting fast.

    The quality is still the best around smooth thin practically painless for prop. I used it so far 6 weeks and 1.5 ml eod (150 mg each pin). I’ll be stopping at 8 weeks fully recovering then hitting it hard with another test only cycle but there will be other aspects to do a major bulk during the cycle. As far as gains it was minimal I stayed slightly under a caloric deficit to cut up a bit before I cycle hard. I know this isn’t the way to do it but it’s how I roll. I was able to put on 7 lean pounds and about a 25 percent increase in strength. The libido is insane erections never goes away… literally I feel 16 again. I find myself with Alot more energy during the day and at the gym. Recovery is amazing most of the time I don’t even feel sore from a workout. Appetite is outrageous this happens to me on test no matter what probably my favorite part but I refrained for the goal at have. The oil moves through a 25g pin with ease.. I hope I didn’t miss anything has been my main Kalpa source since I got back into the game. I’ve outsourced 2 times and was dissapointed. I’ll never do that again! You’ll get you package in a timely fashion and the products are top fucking notch. If everything else is correct you’ll see the magic of a simple compound such as testosterone. I will use this source for the rest of my days

  32. slim12 - 2016-09-15 8:34 AM

    I have used in the past too, with great results from the dragon pharma gear.

  33. Deadcalm - 2016-09-20 12:59 PM

    I don’t usually write reviews but I feel compelled to with

    I’ve ordered from them a number of times and everything is perfect each and every time. I honestly get faster service from these guys than I do from most major online shopping sites. I’ve ordered some items and received them the next week in the past, but never waited longer than 8 days. I now won’t shop anywhere else unless I need something they don’t have in stock (which is rare).

    Packaging is discreet and I’ve never had any issues with it. The only thing I would suggest is a little extra bubble wrap just to be sure.

    Everything works perfectly. Ran long blast and cruise cycles (months) and gained very well, and ran cutting cycles which worked well too.

  34. Phil - 2016-09-22 9:54 AM

    Great source! I’m a newbie and messed up my first order, no problem. I sent an apology

    ordered again and all was good.

    Great communication and delivery time!

    Good packaging. Glad to see special instructions are available.

    Dragon Pharma Dianabol

    Dianabol seems to be doing it’ job. I’m a first time user so not 100% sure what to expect.

  35. JimBeam - 2016-09-27 5:17 PM

    These guys are the best! Ordered on a Monday, donation sent on a Tuesday (delay was mine, not theirs), product in my hands on Thursday. I’m running their Kalpa Test Prop (100mg EOD) and its great – libido has increased and I can start to feel the hardness in my arms and legs. There’s something inherently different about the oil they use – its light, clear, fills the pin easily. I’ve had no problems pinning it and no pain whatsoever. I will absolutely be ordering from these guys again in the future;

  36. Motomoto - 2016-09-29 10:50 AM

    Okay, so…
    Ordered test order, everything went well. Product was great too.
    I got package in less than 10 days.
    Then i decided to order big time, tripled my first order.
    This i never got.
    I never got any letter or call from customs, i dont have any clue about where it disappeared
    even after 5 weeks?
    I dont know did Thailand border stop it, did someone steal it while in mail, did A-S ever send it?

    No clue, but i am pretty sure that it did not reach my country´s borders since they would have contacted me.
    I made a big loss on this order, but that re-send package got trough, so even something to joy.
    I wish they would improve their communication with customer, pretty much does not feel like a guy that i would like to go fishing with.
    Communication is weak
    My second order was cought, apparently.
    First and third got trough.
    Products are good.

  37. TommyKeepsitreal - 2016-10-04 8:58 AM

    I thought the Internet was full of scams n bters, ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ is for real. Not only did I receive my test cyp. fast but it’s legit gear. Totally satisfied with product quality. I’ve always got my gear from the streets, this is just as legit and blew away my expectations with quality. I truly do recommend this source to anybody. It’s truly the best supplier out there and it’ll no I didn’t get anything to say this. I’m just a truly satisfied customer, thank you ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ, I’ll be ordering from you guys again soon.

  38. Noxa88 - 2016-10-12 10:37 AM

    I was a bit worried about ordering for the first time but my fears were unfounded with great service allround from

    Great very quick to respond on here when i had a question, also great email communication, just remember to check your spam folder,

    Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon – just did my first pin today, painless and easy

    Really great service will be using again in the near future

  39. Telford786 - 2016-10-12 1:43 PM

    I am very happy with this source for me he has been a game changer making high quality GH available to folks like me that can run it at decent quantities and have a steady reliable source. I hope he sticks around.

    The best packaging I have seen very safe and secure one can see he put time and effort into the packaging.

    10 x 72 IU’s Humatrope by Lilly

    I have used these for 6 weeks now. The quality is what you expect from a PHARMA grade product. I have now used , Geno’s, and wanted to try Humatrope. I had run the previous GH at 6 IU’s a day.

    The Humatrope I have run 12ius M-W-F, split in the morning and post workout. I much prefer the new protocol has made me even leaner and added more thickness. I don’t think it has made me stronger but recovery is faster for sure. I am now approaching 9 months of continuos GH use and feel that is perhaps the single most important factor. I like the fact the Humatrope comes in 72 IU’s cartridge makes it more efficient for shipping etc.

    I must say the only difference between all the three GH’s that I have used is slight, some hold a little more water but the difference is only slight. However compared to generics its night n day.

  40. norgtas - 2016-10-13 9:48 AM

    Quality service, I’ll be back.

    Easy ordering, straight forward payment.

    Safely packaged, discreet enough.

    Used Dragon Pharma’s T and D for last third of cycle and had immediate gains over ProChem (different source) used up to that point, D seems particularly potent.

  41. Sulo - 2016-10-18 8:24 AM the Real deal!!!

    Communications spot on

    very professional

    Received items, well packaged

    GHRP-6 is real. Vials look very good quality. Well lets start of, I inject 200mcg 2 times a day everyday

    30 to 40 minutes before eating on a empty stomach, first injection i got this mad headrush i started sweating alot and then stomach started to rumble i got so hungry NO SHIT i ate alot of FOOOOOD.

    It helped me put on alot of weight 🙂


  42. Cam2012 - 2016-10-20 2:03 PM

    From the beginning was super easy to deal with and the shipping was super fast. As for the dbol this shit rocks. I put on 8 pounds in a little over the first week and my strength is way up. I feel great and my pumps are awesome at the gym and they hang around all day after I workout. Dbol is great is great I will def be ordering with him!

  43. PuertoRoc - 2016-10-25 12:53 PM is by far one of the best source to work with hands down.

    Great communication and support! Promptly answered all my inquiries

    Awesome packaging. My package had to travel a very long distance and it got to me all in tact.

    Product quality is outstanding. Started a about two and a half weeks ago, after being off of any supps for two years and my gains are quickly coming back in order! is awesome and I can’t wait to place my next order!

  44. core13 - 2016-10-27 9:58 AM

    2nd time ordering with Probably the best source available. Have been on Kalpa Pharmas Test E for 6 weeks now. 2nd order decided to add some dragon pharma tren ace as well. Strength and Size gains are very apparent!! Legit gear!

  45. redline161 - 2016-11-02 10:54 AM

    Recently ordered twice , two separate occasions to test the water , i am amazed at the prompt delivery and overall easy transactions. I’ll defiantly be a repeat customer of this site.

    I can say that Dragon pharma is a high quality potent clen , and with a great diet you get great results , i stick with Dragon pharma as i dont get the shakes as much on it. T3 from kalpa pharm is the only t3 that ive used , i only use this product from this manufacturer , and only use while on test . Who wouldn’t want that vascular look …

  46. negaburn9 - 2016-11-03 12:28 PM

    I just got done blasting test e vials (testoxyl) from . I had big strength gains on all lifts. This is my 3rd order with I am skeptical with the quality of gear in general , but not with BTW my fourth order from arrived today. Going to run the Kalpa test e for my trt and report back my levels in around 5 weeks.

  47. koks4you - 2016-11-08 8:50 AM

    I tried a lot GH, but Kalpatropin is the best choice for me. Its pharma GH, thats what I like.

    I use so far only 3 units a day pump and regeneration is awesome. I sleep only 5h every day, I can train more often and longer now.

    I highly recommend this GH, dont waste money guys for pseudo GH. 3 units real pharma GH give you more then xxx you know.. what I mean.

  48. gerruti - 2016-11-10 12:45 PM

    I placed an order on November 8th. I know this is way too soon to expect the package. The problem is no communication. Replies aren’t happening in the 24 or even 48 hr time frame and on weekdays. I’d just be happy with an update at this point. I have NOT received my order!

  49. jordanm - 2016-11-15 4:41 PM

    I’m always on edge when using a new source, but i have to say the communication is second to none! i was impressed from the off. received package in under 1 week of ordering! gear looks GTG as well. already make another order and look forward to making many more in the future.

  50. walkman19 - 2016-11-17 12:15 PM

    Running the dbol (by dragon pharma) at 30mg/day. Week one is done up 7 lbs (mostly water obviously) and for being 30mg shits working pretty well would recommend it. Strength is not crazy through the roof but I can definitely tell its working. Thanks !

  51. Vavavoom252 - 2016-11-22 10:55 AM

    First time having to resort to ordering online, after my last source passed away.. Completley amazed by the service, used to order other medicines years back but this experience couldnt have more different!. I will definatley be ordering from them again very shortly, completley got themselves a customer. Hcg is awesome to, same one I used to get from a guy at gym.. Expiry date for the ones my guy used to get where 2015, this one was late 2016 so it was also fresh.. Seems irrelevant but I like that. Highly recommended.

  52. erissonroso - 2016-11-24 2:08 PM

    Once again has delivered. Ordered Dragon Pharma test e 250, dianabol, proviron , nolvadex and clomid . Great price, excellent service and communication and good quality products. Won’t ever order from anywhere else again . Just perfect.

  53. jgolds7 - 2016-11-29 10:03 AM

    2nd time using kalpa I must say worth every penny, strength is going up and up gains keep coming and food bills keep rising!

    Packaging is good, items are secure and delivery is quick.

    I am up 11 pounds and only 2.5 weeks in. Tren E is smooth and test sus isn’t bad either little bit of pip, i do get headaches sometimes when i don’t drink enough water could be the issue, but that is just the name of the game when it comes to gear. 400 mg of tren a week and 500 test sust, loving every minutes of it so far. Caber and Aromasin doing there job as well. is number one in my book, he has my business for life solid product lineup, will be back for some more!

  54. sebzter2 - 2016-12-01 9:29 AM

    Overall great service from

    2nd time ordering from him, a very reliable source to buy from. There was initially a problem with emails, however this was sorted in quick time and i received the products fast and they have worked well. Very happy.

    As i said, there was a problem with emails, this was my fault as i was using a hotmail account, but everything was fine from there on in and he replied fast to my gmail email.

    Packaged well, arrived quickly from dispatch.

    Bought the letro to reverse gyno, it has reduced about 60% on day 6. Very high quality Gave me some terrible mood swings however and completely removed sex drive.

    Bought nolva to stock up on.

    Nice to know i can get quality produce from a great supplier without any hassle.

  55. Catracho - 2016-12-06 9:27 AM

    I highly recommend these guys. Ordering from them was like ordering from any other modern e-commerce site. Prompt delivery, responsive communication and legit products. (and discretely packaged)

    Used the Turanabol on it’s own for a few weeks (then stacked with other product – Nolvaxyl) and noticed a decent kick, product is legitimate.

  56. Rpom - 2016-12-08 12:33 PM

    Made my order for cut long 300 handled my buis excited for them to handle theres. So far it’s been an easy process . Somewhat nervous though for the lack of reviews

  57. montacko - 2016-12-13 11:36 AM

    I have ordered a few times with and every-time they deliver fast, communicate at every stage and give feedback or advice if required.

    All the items are well packaged. top marks.

    I have no problems using this site .

  58. alan7890 - 2016-12-15 10:15 AM

    This is a review for

    Great communication and support when answering emails.

    Great T/A could not ask for any better every time using this source.

    Ordered Genetropin pens 36iu pharm grade hgh.

    Used the Genetropin pens from this source for around 5months, definitely legitimate pharmacy grade hgh. Started using the pens at 2iu day and then gradually moved up to 4iu. When using the the 4iu I was splitting the dose 2iu first thing upon waking and then 2iu before bed. Was really happy with the Fat loss and the better sleep from using this product. Also received comments about healthier skin but did not notice that effect myself. Will definitely be using this product again when I have enough funds to run at 4iu day for six moths at least.

    Would definitely recommend this source to anyone along with this product.

  59. Jonj21 - 2016-12-20 8:48 AM

    Fast shipping with great communication and quality product.

    Cummuncation was great and answered all my questions.

    Package was very discreet and was very fast on delivery.

    Quality of product was great. I did a 8 week cycle of test mix and deca and gained a lil over 25lbs, with no pip!!! The test kicked in about week 3 and the deca around the 5th week. Quality product !!!

    I will only and always shop with !!!

  60. kmack42 - 2016-12-22 4:57 PM

    This is my first review. I have about 6 years experience with AAS. I decided to place a small test order after reading good reviews on this supplier. Pricing was very competitive and I’m always looking for good Anavar.

    Communication was great. Website updated immediately with order, payment receipt and tracking number within two days of payment.

    Received my package 10 days after tracking number was given.

    Used the Oxandroxyl at 40mg day for 25 days. Within 3 days I was getting the familiar muscle bursting pumps I only get with good Anavar. I showed a pronounced muscle hardness by the end of the 3 weeks that can be directly attributed to the only change during that period… this Anavar. Love it. Will buy again.

    I am pleased with the selection and pricing.

  61. robert - 2016-12-26 12:51 AM

    I placed order 14 days ago have email 3 times but no reply

  62. bodybuildinglawyer - 2016-12-27 4:53 PM

    I have written one bad review for these guys before and since they made it right and every other order was perfect to the point they became my first option, I think its only fair to keep posting.

    Always take only 5 days. Shipment is either on the same day or the next day.

    Been ordering from them caber, t3, arimidex and other stuff.

    All products were legit, but I’d specially like to say that the T3 is saving my life. When you take tren and you start having a gyno that caber alone and anti es don’t eliminate the problem, you can bet your ass your thyroid is working low. Two days of just 25mcg of T3 and gyno is reduced like 60%. Thank God.

  63. univega - 2017-01-03 10:39 AM

    5th time i ordered from and what can I say? Legit Gear, Prompt service, Fast delivery, Well packaged, great communication. I’m very satisfied with these guys and I´m sure I found my Main source for all my gear.

    The Dragon Pharma’s are pretty much doing there job, been running these for a while with very good gains.

    5th order and still 100% satisfied

  64. MrPm - 2017-01-04 6:14 AM

    Ok, hoping for some help here. Trying to pay for an order via Western Union but A-S haven’t provided enough details…(i.e. country that i’m to send the money to, whom is collecting on the otherside etc). I’ve tried contacting them through their contact ticket page but no reply. Has anyone had sucess using Western Union that could provide some help?

    • mroreally - 2017-01-04 5:52 PM

      after selecting payment type (e.g. western union), i’m clicking on Continue button, after that information about collector (first name, last name etc.) and country appears. After sending funds, i’m going to My Orders on site, and then click on Enter WU Info, and that’s it, i’m waiting for funds to be picked up and then for my order to be shipped 😉

  65. willcol_1 - 2017-01-05 12:04 PM

    I cannot rave about this source enough. Have done over 5 orders now and feel no need to go elsewhere. Seems to have absolutely everything you could possibly need for a roid cycle. Even things that, in the past, have been awkward to source. My review has been long overdue.

    Dragon Pharma is top notch in my opinion. Used Tbol/Var/Proviron/Cut Long on clean bulk 8 weeks. Put on a shed load of strength, put on about 7lbs of good lean mass (whilst losing approx 4% bf). Have just finished 4 week PCT with Pro PCT and not lost any noticeable strength. The only thing that has diminished is muscular endurance (instead of getting 6 reps at “x” i’m getting 4).

    Would recommend to anyone.. Anabolic Steroids Biz is my go to source.

  66. dpm0481 - 2017-01-10 8:55 AM

    This is a good source. I have used them in the past for tbol and test and was always more than pleased. This last time just ordered some hcg which is doing the trick and it came quickly as always and packed nice.

  67. Ramy - 2017-01-12 10:11 AM

    This source is awesome got my order to us in 6 days. The gear is legit some of the best I have ever used.

    Answered all my pm and had a tracking number which I think is awesome & every source should do.

    Best t/a I have seen 6 days to the us. It was packed nice & tight & in the original box which I like.

    Ordered Kalpa pharma test e & bold

    The quality of the product is by far the best I have ever used. Im in my 12 week of this cycle the results are great. If you have never used kalpa pharma you need to try it.

  68. Omar - 2017-01-16 11:02 PM

    I sent payment for my order. They got the payment. Havent heard from them again. They wont answer any of my massages.

  69. AnabolicsFast - 2017-01-17 12:57 PM

    As a fellow source, I’ve dealt with several times. He’s helped me a lot, We have a mutual beneficial relationship. Thanks again guys !!

  70. TimberDog - 2017-01-19 11:20 AM

    A stand-up source with great customer service and a great line up of quality UGL and pharma grade products.

    T/A was lightening quick for an international source. My T/A from ordering was 10 total days (including weekend) from payment.

    Dragon Pharma EQ: This was my first run with EQ, so I didn’t know what to expect. I front loaded for 2 weeks then did 800 mg’s per week. Through 10 weeks, I maintained significant vascularity despite running a bulking cycle. I became easily winded over the 10 weeks doing regular activities, particularly my workouts to the extent that after 40-50 minutes it was difficult to maintain a significant level of intensity. Weirdly, my blood work came back with hematocrit and RBC’s in the normal range, although my systolic blood pressure was at 145ish several times I took it just prior to donating blood. My strength across all lifts is up and I’m noticing nice rounding of my delts.

    Dragon Pharma Test Prop: I received one vial via, ran that I used as a kicker in the beginning of my cycle. I experienced the usual effects that I experience with good Test Prop, including the “on cycle” feeling at the one week mark and increased libido and aggression. It also pinned smoothly.

    Overall, I am pleased with the quality of products from

    I was interested in trying their Dragon Pharma line and am very pleased with the quality of the EQ and Test Prop. I particularly like the large offering to quality brands they offer, UGL and pharma, as well as the pharma grade ancillary product line up. I will definitely be doing more business with

  71. plaster03301 - 2017-01-24 11:28 AM has amazing customer service and everything exceeds expectations the first time I ordered. Ive ordered twice now in last 2 weeks. And so have a few buddies of mine. you guys are professional and great at what you do. Not sure how rest of people on here do business but take notes. Thanks guys

  72. red05 - 2017-01-26 10:37 AM

    Even my ineptitude at placing orders and making payments on time doesn’t seem to slow down. Super efficient.

    I’ve placed multiple orders with and his delivery has always been swift. Goods in discreet safe packaging

    I haven’t used the clenbuterol yet. Decided to run var for the last few weeks of my cycle. I know I’m only a novice. But this stuff is just amazing. My endurance has just shot through the roof, explosiveness has improved drastically, I’ve lean out, and have a more hardened appearance. I’ve changed my training to a more crossfit style routine, and this var has just propelled me forward. I’ve lost another 1% body fat, yet am still at 94kg, so I’ve also added muscle. This is by far the best var I’ve used.

  73. heisenbrahh - 2017-01-31 2:32 PM

    As a beginner steroid user i was slightly apprehensive ordering online, but i couldn’t be happier with service with both my orders.

    Communication wasn’t really needed as both times I’ve ordered it has gone very smoothly.

    Packaging is discreet which is a big deal for me

    T/A is very quick.

    Products worked great. As a beginner i ran the tried and true 500mg/week for 10 weeks Test cycle, you hear guys in the gym and people online telling you what to expect but there’s nothing like actually experiencing it. I got very good strength gains around the 3rd week onwards,really noticable size gains that kicked in around 6-8 weeks , great feeling of well being through out, i also got hit with the typical oestrogen sides too (nipples started itching, got a bit bloaty etc) but 0.5 adex e3d sorted that out. very pleased with it and overall gained around 12kg

    I’ve since ran a higher dosed Test cycle with very comparable results. Looking forward to use some new compounds now.

    Being a beginner in this was so much easier with this source, wide variety of reliable labs and products, fast, easy and discreet. Will certainly be using again.

    • Stoneman38 - 2017-02-02 3:43 AM

      how do the ship their products? I am interested but I understand they give you a tracking number. what postal service is it for?

  74. DuggetTT - 2017-02-02 11:12 AM

    This is a review for kalpa pharma sustaxyl, arimixyl and dianoxyl

    he replied to my emails on time

    i had few questions and he answered me fast

    when the package arrived it was safe

    everything was in kalpa pharma boxes

    The vials are very smooth. This cycle was 500mg sustaxyl, 40 mg dianabol.

    I gained lot of strength and size.

    My body is looking bigger, fuller, thicker with water, puffy.

    When I wear jackets or hoodies, I love how it looks on me.

    With arimixyl I did not feel any serious water problems.

    My joints and libido were safe and nipples too.

    Blood pressure was high but not seriously high.

    This is a very good source.

    What I hear about kalpa pharma proved true

  75. hcfernet - 2017-02-07 3:57 PM

    I have ordered products for my PCT.

    No need for extra communication. I received e-mails with statuses of my order and that is all I needed to know.

    Well packed. Everything OK

    I have ordered Kalpa Clomixyl and Proviroxyl

    I will add these products after my current cycle in PCT along with Tamoxifen and HMG. I will dose Clomixyl – 1.W: 50mg/day, 2.W: 25mg/day, 3.W: 25mg/day, Tamoxifen dose will be – 1.W: 20mg/day, 2.W: 10mg/day, 3.W: 10mg/day, 75 IU of HMG will be pinned every third day and proviroxyl will be used at dose of 25mg per day.

  76. jmedley - 2017-02-09 9:52 AM

    I ordered the Kalpa Testosterone Propionate. I am using 100 mg EOD. So far I have been using this product for 3 weeks. I am getting the expected results. I have put on about 7 pounds and my waist is actually getting more ripped. My libido is out of control. This is much thinner than any other Prop that I have ever used. I would order this again. I have used Dragon Pharma Prop before, and it is also good. These guys are always easy to deal with.

    They are quick to answer emails.

    Product was well packaged and came in about 4 – 5 days

  77. Quad master - 2017-02-14 11:38 AM

    I’ve been waiting to review theses guys !!!

    I wasn’t the easiest first time customer let me explain,

    so I placed an order for Kalpa, sust, cyp, test e 300 , tamoxifen

    Having placed this order I then decided I just wanted 3x test e 300 & tamoxifen

    I emailed explaining my fuck up , they were confused with what I was wanting to do but hats off to them they just sent me both orders with no extra charge , now that type of customer service is usually only found in the Apple Store! I will never change my iPhone nor will I change my vendor I have ordered plenty more from

    Where I live the customs are insane !! But not one package has gone a miss I just follow advice and all is good .

    great communication when it comes to shipping and the packages arrive on time all bubble wrapped even the blister tablets very impressed

    Once the cycle is over I will cruise on sustanon and cypionate

    The test e is the best I have used in years instant feel good ,great bonners ( happy wife ) after just a week

    Strength is through the roof , I’m 39 and my aggression is like I was when I was in my early twenties just fucking and fighting !!

    I take it out in the gym and the wife nowadays and the odd hooker !!

    buy with confidence these guys are as good as they get thanks

  78. Jwalker - 2017-02-16 10:39 AM

    Top website and service replys fast to emails and my parcel was posted the same day and arrived the next week,will use this site again

  79. Dave B - 2017-02-17 8:15 PM

    Ordered for the first time yesterday, sent a WU payment, got confirmation it was picked up. But today website is gone, like missing from the web. Anyone every seen that happen before? Should I be concerned, or will I still get my goods in a few weeks?

    • bigkap - 2017-02-19 1:54 PM

      In such a business type there are many cases of abuse reports to hosting companies, it happens. Don’t even worry about it. These guys will come through on time and then some. I’ve used them a lot before in the past. You’ll get your money’s worth.

  80. DAVE B - 2017-02-18 11:56 PM

    Can anyone past along a contact persons email for their site. I did everything with their online order forms, never received or sent an email. Their site is still down, so I want to email someone there. Thanks!

    • DrS - 2017-02-22 11:41 AM

      I just found that due to some technical issues, they have moved here. You can use the same username and pass.

  81. swoller87 - 2017-02-21 11:47 AM

    This review is long overdue.

    Very stand up guy. Gotta lot of respect for super professional.

    T/a for the states isn’t bad averages about 12 to 14 business days. Packing is good products come in original packging.

    I’ve ordered Aromaxyl, Turanaxyl, Anadroxyl, Stanoxyl (Winny), Ansomone HGH.

    The kalpa products are great. The Aromaxyl does exactly what it should lost water acne stays clear. Keeps estrogen right were it needs to be. The lean gain is good shit hard dry gains strength increase agression. Very happy with it. Kalpa tbol good for strength increase I would compare to var. I prefer dbol to buy, my girl loves it. It seemed to mess my cholesterol up. Haven’t used the drol yet waiting till I need it. Ansomone were good also hard to tell much of a difference both quality hgh. Sold the Winn to a buddy he was very pleased. is the most trustworthy site in my opinon. You can always rely on him to have legit products and don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

    I’ve heard that the site is down for a while, hope it will be back soon!

  82. DrS - 2017-02-22 11:42 AM

    Alright guys, doe to some technical issues, this site have moved here. If you have registered before, then you can log in with same usr and pass.

  83. bigcrang - 2017-02-23 10:37 AM

    This was my first time ordering online and it couldnt have been any easier or smoother, thank you Anabolic-Steroids!

    Excellent communication from these guys, answered all my questions and made it a smooth process from the beginning.

    Packaging was top notch, bubble wrapped to the max and everything arrived in perfect condition. Package was recieved within 2 weeks of payment, very happy 🙂

    Ordered 20 x Balkan Pharmaceuticals Test E vials

    I have been running this Test for 6 weeks, my source collapsed and was due to run out if not for Anabolic-Steroids. The vials i recieved are the same batch number and vial design as the ones i have been using so i can confirm they are great. Shot 2 so far and no PiP as per.

    As stated above this is my first time ordering online and i was pretty apprehensive beforehand but thanks to SteroidsLive and Anabolic-Steroids it has been a stress free process and i will be using Anabolic-Steroids for everything from now on.

    And thanks for pointing out on what happened to the old domain, great that they are back!

  84. PuertoRoc - 2017-02-27 11:20 AM

    I really appreciate the explanation about website server! I feel much better! I will definitely give a proper review once I receive my orders. Thanks again Anabolic-Steroids, It seems I will be doing lots of business with you in the near future.

  85. HellbounD - 2017-02-28 3:06 PM

    I found their service and product to be impressive. I’ve ordered all of my orals from them. Their operation is seamless and delivery with in the week.

    Their online store allows you to just update your account to add the payment details and just makes it easy.

    I’ve want to check the status of my order I just log in and there it is.usually get my order in 8-10 days.

    Ran the Anadrol along with test-e for first 6 weeks. Bulked up real nice and increase by personal best in several areas.

    These guy are g2g.never have to worry about a thing when dealing with Anabolic-Steroids. Thanks guys!

  86. Labrat - 2017-03-03 12:05 PM

    I am entering week 4 using dragon pharma enantat 500mg/week and T-Bol 50 mg/day. I am just starting to notice the results.. weight is up from 208 to 216, strength is increasing and I can visibly see a difference. I have never carried much bodyfat and I don’t know the percentage but it is also dropping. I also experienced some intense PIP the first 2 weeks. I stayed in contact with Anabolic-Steroids.. they offered advice.. I listened and the PIP stopped in the 3rd week. There are so many factors that can cause PIP, but in virgin muscle it’s to be expected..It does take time to adjust and people respond differently to the solvents/oil even the steroid itself. I work in an analytical chem. lab .. I tested this product and found everything to be in spec. I am totally unbiased.. I just wanted to say that has in my opinion provided me with quality service and I will use them again

  87. bt_zx9 - 2017-03-07 2:20 PM

    These guys are legit, awesome communication and very fast delivery. Response was great and communication quick. I will be placing my next full order with these guys. Absolutely nothing bad to say.

  88. JDM82 - 2017-03-09 10:30 AM

    I have lost count of how many orders I’ve placed with I genuinely cannot put an number on it but one thing I can do is say that the service received is outstanding each and every time. I cannot recommend this source any more highly. A great selection of labs to suit each budget and an excellent delivery set up.

    Professional emails staging all 3 parts to an order. Confirmation of order, Receiving of donation and Confirmation of posting. You cant ask for a better system than that. No support required on this order but have received plenty over time and the supports always there.

    Packaged discreetly and next week delivery. You don’t even get that kind of service with some major mail order companies.

    I’m running the deca & sustanon at 3ml of each per week with great results. I’m also putting in 40mg dbol a day, 2 with breakfast and 2 half hour pre workout. I’m seeing great results after 4 weeks running this. I’ve put on some size, my arms are insane, they seem to be responding to the anabolics very well. My strength has went up on pretty much everything although the lower back pumps from the dbol are a nightmare. I’ve had a vial of each dragon oil tested and it came back positive. The results only show that that what it says on the vial is what is in the vial it doesn’t show the strength but Im quite confident on its authenticity as the results are too good for under dosed gear. (In my opinion). I was sceptical of dragon pharma products and there high prices but now I wouldnt use anything else. The HGH isn’t mine, a friend is running it and says its working great. He seems to be getting good results from it and has complained of wrist problems etc which is a common side with HGH so…….. But that’s just his opinion, I am not reviewing it. Ive used the dragon pharma dbol many times and what arrived is what Ive used mant times before. I got good results from this dbol, so much so I recommended it to a friend whos using it now with the same good results that I experienced. The lower back pumps are there which is a good sign of its authenticity. T3‘s are to be used in a couple of weeks time so cant comment on them as of yet however will say that they seem to be genuine going off pictures on the web. They seem to be genuine pharma. Insulin also for a friend to run with the HGH therefore I wont comment on this either apart from to say that it is a genuine insulin cartridge as confirmed by a diabetic friend of mine.

    There’s many good sources on here all doing there own thing and all helping us with our anabolic needs. is one of, if not the very best and I will continue to be a loyal customer for as long as I use gear.

  89. Lotus_Eater - 2017-03-14 10:25 AM

    Just got my order from Just got it today, great turnaround! Gear is sealed and looks genuine, I’ll know more when I start using it so I’ll update the review at that time.

  90. avav1305 - 2017-03-16 1:43 PM is one of my main sources. Ordering, sending with tracking number. I am very happy with that source.

    always, quick answer to my questions

    Packaging discreet, good packed.

    Until now I tried only the Genotropin. I am happy with them.

  91. csipe - 2017-03-21 7:16 PM

    This is a long over due review for several products I have ordered and personally used from Everything I am leaving a review for I have been running either currently or have finished.

    Each and every email has always been answered in a timely fashion with the response I was looking for. He has always been up front and honest with me, even as far as giving me some recommendations I have asked for. (On certain brands or compounds)

    All packages that have been delivered are all always packed very discretely and safely. As he states on his Shipping page, frame is between 7-20 days. I have even been in a jam before and requested if he would ship on a Saturday so I would not miss a dose and he did, which I really appreciated. Small things like that go a long way for me.

    Dragon Pharma line: Test E: spot on to pharmacy grade in my opinion. Dosed accurately, very very smooth and painless injection.

    Sust: felt the prop kick within days. Accurately dosed and very smooth and painless. Both the test were very thin and clear. Used slin pin with both at times.

    Balkan Parabolan: very minimal pip. – you gotta expect some sometimes. Only ran 1 amp which is 1.5ml/76.6mg every 3rd day for a few weeks as part of a tren blast. Honestly, this stuff is powerful. First time I’ve ever ran Para or hex whatever you wanna call it but it worked. Got all the expected sides hot flashes, night sweats. Burned fat fast. Only thing I disliked was the 1.5ml. Kinda just throws me off a little bit. Nothing major though.

    Balkan line: Test blend: accurately dosed, very smooth. No pip. Also pushed through slin pin.

    Dragon Pharma Tren Ace: actually very strong. That’s some dam good tren right there. Got stronger and harder within a couple days and noticed fat loss in same time. (I’m always 10% or under, rarely do I hit 12% so I can see changes literally within a day or two.) Thin oil I used a slin pin in every injection. A 30g at that! Pushes through fast too. My opinion, at the top of the trens I’ve tried. Good good stuff. Potent.

    Deca: ran pretty high, actually still on it now, 750mg up to 1000mg a week. Full round dense muscle bellies, as expected with good Nandrolone. Just good stuff period. Love Deca. Love Dragon Pharma Deca.

    EQ: Just now getting to 10 weeks in on the Eq, as I’m off season right now so I through it back in and I’m starting to really see vasculatiry increase, a good addition with the Deca in my opinion. Accurately dosed.

    Balkan dbol: Used as a pre workout at 50mg a day. Loved it, like all good dosed dbol. Good sense of well being and strength gains almost overnight. Good shit.

    Dragon Pharma T3: I emailed and asked him if he had any T3 whatsoever, as it want on the website, he sent me this for dirt cheap and it’s pharmacy grade for sure. 50mcg pop out pills. Loved them actually might try and see if he has some more. Very easy to store and take in mornings.

    All these products I’ve used are at the top of my list with best out there that I’ve used in my career. I am a national level bodybuilder trying to get my pro card currently and I can’t afford mis dosed or bunk gear. And I’ve used both before. This is QUALITY!! Thank you for great customer service and truthful quality, accurately dosed gear. All I ever want is to get what I paid for and I always get just that when shopping with you. Look forward to the future bro!! Don’t hesitate guys this dude is the real deal. Give him a go. I did and glad I did for sure.

  92. Tugboat1 - 2017-03-23 9:43 AM

    I have ordered from My last order was sustanon 350.

    I personally have a difficult time with PIP. Sustanon is one product that caused severe pip for me, because what is used to suspend the test. This is no fault of They answer any of my emails promptly. There service is outstanding. Speed of delivery is very impressive. Packaging is outstanding.

    These guys truly understand customer service.

    Gear has always been sealed and high quality.

    Their inventory is plenty.

  93. Boxer - 2017-03-28 9:30 AM

    As this was my first proper cycle I was apprehensive about ordering online. I needn’t of worried! I’m now 4/5 orders in and all I can say is that run a first class service. I’m now ten weeks into my cycle and the gains are coming along nicely. Cheers

    Emails have been swiftly replied to and the online tracking is a useful tool in understanding the progression if my orders.

    T/A and packaging have been spot on! (Was worried first time as I had to collect the parcel from the depot). Discrete and unobtrusive, exactly as you would expect from a quality establishment.

    Test E is spot on and d’bol as expected, arimidex keeping the gyno down nicely. Not used pct products as yet so unable to comment.

    What can I say but a truly fantastic company run efficiently and professionally. For all those like myself who had doubts about ordering online please take the jump and I guarantee you like myself will not be disappointed.

  94. GrowMore - 2017-03-30 11:41 AM

    I received the product so it’s only right I write a review in return. I ordered a whole cycle of a while back and that was fantastic but I wanted to up the dosage so I ordered another bottle so this review is about that and I thought I’d let you chaps know how it all went. So, where to start. The gear is fantastic, strengh is mental, I look like a changed man, now in love with Tren! As far as I’m concerened the gear is 10/10. Sides, well the usual tren sides we all hear about! Looking down the page at reviews and the massive amount of respect is getting is no surprise, he does what he says on the tin. Delivers quality gear. I’d be hard pressed to go else where now!

    Well packaged with no risk of breaks. Looked like an everyday package.

    I would like to see setting up a monthly deal on some of his products. The 25% off January sale was shit hot! If you would do that we’d make sure to buy double the gear!

  95. JAX22 - 2017-04-05 11:09 AM

    First and foremost; I must say that I have been bodybuilding for 22 years. I am 37 years old and have done two cycles during my many years of weight lifting. This is my first cycle in over 6 years and am very pleased with the results so far. gear is legit, TA is lightening fast, and communication is fast I am 100% satisfied so far. I have ordered two times and everything went smooth and as planned.

    Communication was all by email. Response time was within 24 hours, but usually only several. Great response time as far as I am concerned.

    TA was excellent. I placed my order on day 1 making funds available, received confirmation and tracking number on day 2, and received my gear by USPS on day 7. The packaging was good. A bubble wrap lined envelope was used. The packaging does not alarm me; it just looks like any other parcel.

    I have been using the Dragon Pharma Turinabol for three weeks at 50mg ED at one dose 2 hours before my workout. And the Dragon Pharma two tabs split one in AM and one at PM (50mg Winstrol and 50mg Anavar ED). At week number two my strength and stamina had become undeniable. Now at day 22 there is no doubt the Turinabol and Winstrol are doing the job. Dragon Pharma is no doubt dosed correctly and may be just a tad overdosed! I will discontinue the tabs after week 4. I did start the Prpionate at day 14 with 1cc/100mg EOD. Yesterday I injected my 4th shot and expect the Propionate, due to its quick response time, to kick-in within several days. No PIP experienced. My muscles are becoming very solid, due to the Winstrol/Anavar and my pumps in the gym are incredible. I will be running the Propionate for 10 weeks and will pick back up with the Winstrol/Anavar for the last 4 weeks of the Propionate run. I have not experience any acne, not even one pimple. So, no Accutane use so far. That is to say the Winstrol/Anavar and Turinabol have not caused any acne, but we will see what happens with the Propionate. I will use the Dragon Pharma’s PCT products at the end of the cycle at 3 tabs ED.

    I have also been taking Liv-52, from the onset, to protect against liver damage from the orals.

    I was skeptical ordering from an online source, but must say you can rest assured your order WILL come through. gear is legit and properly dosed. For those of you who reside on the eastern side of the USA; this is the source for you!! Try for yourself and you will see. I now have a reliable source and am a loyal customer!!

  96. animal - 2017-04-07 11:56 AM

    Placed my first order with for his promo, first of all, super easy transaction. Order placement was a breeze, received emails with status and shipping and received my Dbols in 8 days. All communication with was lightning fast as well. Just waiting for some HCGs to pop on his stock and will order those next.

  97. 93slug - 2017-04-11 12:09 PM

    I received my orders from super quick..on my 4th day and I can tell its kicking in good. I really like the Dragon Pharma Dbol!!

  98. reymisterio - 2017-04-13 11:20 AM

    Overdue review on Done on 6 orders since around february 2014. Top source on here, wouldn’t surprise me if he sourced IFBB pros.

    Top notch. Always answers emails within the day, maximum 24h reply. Always keeping in touch when receiveing, handling payments.

    Discreetly and safely packaged, does take care with his packaging. Always products in their original boxes etc. Ordered from within the UK but also within Europe, probably the fastest source out there.

    Ordered a few items from, all in all, i’ve used from him: Pfizer genotropin, Norditropin, Various Kalpa solutions blends and oils.

    Legit Kalpa no doubt, this guy sells what is renowned around in the BB world. This is the real deal. Prices might be slightly higher than other labs but well worth paying. Primo comparable to pharm grade, 4 days after first pin of tren vascularity and crazy strength kick in, capped shoulders from the EQ, no doubt one of the best labs, carries legit labs. 2 weeks on genotropin from blew away 2 months of chinese GH from another source, same dose, except genos 5 days on/ 2 off and chinese 7/7. Even then Geno> Chinese by a long shot. Same went along for the Norditropin, ordered less so can’t speak as much, only used 1 vial of nordi vs 7 of genotropin. Probably best pharmaceutical grade HGH supplier on SteroidsLive, been through pages and pages of sources and you won’t find a source with the same diversity as, even recently added humatropes. Will try in my next order.

    Better customer service and T/A time than most companies in the “normal” reselling business. Biggest array of pharmaceutical grade gear and pharma hgh. Combine that with his T/A, best source on here IMO. knows his shit.

  99. Rambo111 - 2017-04-18 10:27 AM

    received order 3 days after payment was made. goods as ordered which im happy about

    communications was great same day reply.

    not the fastest postage but it is discreet and well packed. 8 days not to bad

    12 week cycle. was an edition to thing i have already got from other source primobolan 600mg per week test e 500mg per week was running winstrol for last 4 weeks of the cycle gains was lean, primobolan was slow to kick in but im happy with results. i gained clean mass that’s what i like. test was potent, increased sex drive , power and oily skin very happy with products and the actual cycle. didnt get any sites which im happy about.

    recommend shopping here

  100. # - 2017-04-20 1:02 PM

    This review is for dragon pharma test prop promo.

    Great. Was told when pak shipped and when to expect. It arrived before time stated.

    Pak was neat and secure. Excellent job.

    Great test prop. No inject pain. Effects were gelt fairly quickly. Great wood and strength increase. I would def use dragon pharma again. has a great selection and prices are reasonable. He ship in secure paks and answers questions in a timely manner. Will def use him again.

  101. Bronny - 2017-04-20 4:33 PM

    I placed a order 4-10-17 still no update or communication.

  102. Bronny - 2017-04-20 7:12 PM

    Does anyone know why I am receiving lack of communication and no help from site….there’s all good reviews for the site?

    • YOYO - 2017-04-28 7:15 PM

      i placed a order as well 4/22/17 and paid 4/23. i still have a pending.. did you get any updated yet?

  103. ALS000 - 2017-04-25 12:12 PM

    A fast and discreet service. I am happy with my purchase and therefore recommend them.

    Received an email when my order was being processed and another one when the package was shipped.

    Everything was there. A part from its own protective boxes, it was also in a bubble wrap package/envelope.

    Ordered 6 boxes of Testosterone Propionate

    Product looks genuine. I prolonged my cycle by 2 more weeks and have also increased dosage to 150mg per shot. I am in 3 pins of the new product and there has been no halt to my gains or libido.

    Will use again in the future.

  104. draven - 2017-04-27 11:36 AM

    I’m relatively new to the site, and to ordering in general, and was glad to see that the ordering process was easy to do. I didn’t order many things, but wanted to see how the ordering went first. It all went well so once I get more info by reading the forums here, I will order other items.

    it was pretty straight forward, my questions were answered quickly by email.

    as others have mentioned, the packaging was very discreet, and I received it on time and with no issues. I was satisfied and relieved that I got the first order and had no problems.

    Proviron, using a low dose of 50mg daily, and within 3 days I could notice the effects, most noticeably the extra libido.

  105. Wiza11 - 2017-05-02 9:51 AM

    After about 2 weeks i really started to feel the test E, I was taking 2ml weekly with the anavar at 50mg ed for 12 weeks total ,I had Amazing pumps , high energy in the gym, My body comp changed and i have lost fat and gained about 20 lbs of lean mass. My libido was through the roof! Love this stuff and cant wait to plan my next cycle with this source’s gear.

  106. bt843 - 2017-05-04 1:25 PM has some amazing prices and the highest quality ever so exclusive pharma grade hgh. Don’t think you can find quality hgh like this anywhere else for as good of a price. Also he is very pleasant to deal with and communicate with. Makes the somewhat nightmarish process of ordering gear pretty pleasant and carefree.

    T/A is not too bad at all to the southeast. Packaging is also really legit. Lets just say it takes me a really long time to open it and I am trying pretty aggressively; because we all know how excited you are when you know your geno pens or humatropes have arrived.

    So far I have ordered 3 genotropin pens of 36ius, 1 genotropin pen of 16iu, 1 humatrope 36iu cartridge, and a humatrope 18iu cartridge.

    I’ve been on the geno’s for about 2 months now, and I’m only running 1.8ius 5 days a week. At 26 most people would say that you shouldn’t waste your money but I find that I am even leaner than ever and keep getting more shredded. I haven’t done any blood testing but I have experience with hgh and I am pretty confident in the results. The best part is that I don’t get any of the annoying sides that you experience with the generic chinese hgh. The best part is peace of mind though, which helps me sleep better at night, no pun intended.

    Love this source and plan to order some 72iu humatropes and run 3ius a day for 6 days a week and see what happens. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to generic hgh.

  107. 1ronaddict - 2017-05-09 8:40 AM

    My favorite source, always reliable and fast.

    Fast communication, brief and to the point.

    Packaging always fine, everything arrived in one piece and arrives quickly

    Kalpa Test E

    Only a few weeks in but already seeing changes in libido, well being and gains are just starting to come.

    My favorite source, always well stocked with a great selection of items at great prices, keep up the good work!

  108. Mr J - 2017-05-16 11:50 AM

    This guys takes care of business that’s for sure they will get back to u right away and keep u up to date step by step u should gave them a try!!

    Ten days but it was bc of the holidays but that’s still not bad at all and packaging was good I had one bottle that was broken but no big deal he is going to send me a new one

    Dbol everyday 30 to 60 mg a day the pump is great and weight is going up I have put on around five pounds so far been on the dbol about 3 weeks or so but it’s working great and test e 500 mg a week sex drive is great I’m ready all the time!! My power at the gym is up and my weight is just now going up.

    This team takes care of u that’s for sure!! Great guys

  109. jucied-to-the-tits - 2017-05-24 8:51 AM

    All i can say WOW. The fastest international shipping i have ever had. 12 days from ship date. Under 2 weeks. faster than some domestic sources. The packaging was the best i have ever seen. I have never seen packaging like that, absolutely phenomenal. The Dragon Pharma is as legit as it come.

    I am doing PROPIONAT 1 cc Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 weeks

    ENANTAT 1cc Monday, Friday 18 weeks

    EQ 1cc Monday, Friday 18 weeks

    HCG 1,250 mg Monday, Friday

    This is the smoothest oil i have ever pinned hands down. Zero pip. not even a little. Monday and Friday i pin in the glut and Wednesdays i use my delts. After week 1 i could definitely notice a huge jump in sex drive from the HCG and the PROPIONAT. After week 2 I could notice a huge jump in energy and strength from the PROPIONAT. bench from 325 to 345. After week 3 the PROPIONAT has really kicked in strength increase is through the roof appetite is way up and recovery also way up. bench up to 355. After week 4 i can notice a huge difference. Up 12 lbs. ENANTAT has kicked in and i feel like a beast every lift gets lighter and lighter. is one of the best sources i have ever used. putting another order in this week. love this source.

  110. Dacky - 2017-05-26 6:23 PM

    This is a review for my third and fourth orders from and like the first two order I have nothing but great things to say. Well done A-S – please keep it up!

    Excellent communication and support. Couple of questions all quickly and professionally answered. No issues at all.

    No issues with T/A. Products were discretely packaged and all came within 2 weeks.

    I have so far used the Test E, Winstrol and Anastrazole and all are good to go. In fact the Test E is in my view really good quality. I am using it as part of a recomp cycle and I am down 3.5% body fat and have so far retained my lean muscle mass. Couldn’t be more pleased.

    Fantastic service and great products which work.


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