Winstrol – Classic Cutting Steroid

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Winstrol – Classic Cutting Steroid

Winstrol, which is also known as Stanozolol or Winny, is an admired name in the world of sports especially bodybuilding, athletics, boxing, and power lifting. This anabolic steroid is, usually, used in a combination with Deca Durabolin that is useful for inhibiting progesterone produced during Winny use.

This derivative of testosterone is assigned to Schedule III, under the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990.

Sportsmen admire Winstrol more than any other anabolic in the fray as it helps them gain solid and dense muscles in addition to losing excess body weight and estrogens. It is also useful for promoting gains in terms of stamina, performance, lean appearance, muscle function, and handling intense workouts.

Its chemical formula is C21H32N2O and it has a molecular weight of 328.497 g/mol at the base. The active ingredient is Stanozolol and Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, D&C Red #28, FD&C Red #40, Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, and Starch are the inactive ingredients.

Offering an approximate active life of 48 hours, Winstrol can provide dramatic results even at low doses.

Recommended Dose

The recommended dose for men is 35-75 mg per day in oral form and 25-50 mg per day in injectable form. For women, the dose is 5-10 mg per day in oral form. It is important to note here that the injectable version of Winstrol is not recommended for women unless otherwise recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.  Oral winstrol is best for gains.

Most popular oral Winstrol Brands:

Most popular injectable Winstrol Brands:

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m reading a lot about Oral Winstrol being extremely hard on the liver. I’m thinking about cycling Winstrol for the very first time and wanted to know what’s best with less side effects.

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