What The Steroid Culture Has To Offer.

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What The Steroid Culture Has To Offer.

For the last few days I have addressed a few areas that need to be cleaned up.  Though I feel there are a few more main stream issues, like certain members that are scumbags, yet have huge followings.  But I have bashed enough.  Now I want to take a moment to explain why we even bother with the forums.  Well, for every one issue, there are ten great characteristics of some forums.

The most important is the Botherhood that the good members are part of, it is like a huge support system.  No other place can you make friends that actually care on the internet, then at my home forum.  These guys will back you up when your right, help you when your not, and they actually care about your health.  It is amazing how guys I have never met in person, can come to know you the way these dudes do.  I have a long list of friends that I trust, such as AR, Action, Admin (steroidworld), Espiros, Basic, Eureka, Maxgtl, Signal, Bads, Logic,  and many more ( sorry if i didn’t mention you , my brain isn’t working properly today).

The advice is the main reason why you come, and for good reason.  The advice is second to none, we even have a well respect member of the medical field involved, which is really needed.

But beyond the obvious,  they give out life advice, when things get tough you can dump it all out on a thread, and no one bitches.

And everyone responds and tries to help.  In the end I would have to say it is the best family I have , sometimes better then my own……..

Thanks for reading , please feel free to contact me with comments or questions at  [email protected]

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