Long Term Goals Should Always Stay In Focus

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Long Term Goals Should Always Stay In Focus

When we first consider using steroids, we al have some kind of idea of what we want our final product to be ( our build).  Though most of what we want differs from person to person, the fact that we have an ultimate goal is what we have in common.  This gives us all common ground to stand on, the problem with this common ground is the fact that most of us don’t take a straight line on this path.  This is because we act impulsive and don’t keep our main goal upfront.

Me , I want to get around 210 lbs at 4-5 % bodyfat, and this has been my goal for a while now.  Though I am closer to my goal then when I started, not all of my training, dieting, and cycles have been aimed at this goal, so in a weird way it was time wasted.  I could have been at my goal some much easier if I focused.  So to all my readers that can relate, my advice is to take a step back, figure out what your ideal physique is, then sit down with someone who can help and put together a training regime.  In this you should plan your dieting, your workout schedules, and your cycles for the next 2 years atleast.  This may seem like a long time but it isn’t and if needed you can always go back and tweek your routine to fix what is no longer practical.  Now my honest opinion is if you follow this plan to the last detail, you will hit your goals so much faster.

Think about it, do you think Jay Cutler goes in the gym and decides “I feel like doing what I read in an article today” , NO HE DOESN’T.  He has an exact plan he goes in there with and follows it, maybe if he is feeling strong he will throw in some extra sets, but no Pro-BB goes in a gym and aimlessly walks around making up ideas as he goes.  The idea is just organize and execute, thats all.  Don’t add something to your cycle just because it seems cool, no make sure it is helpful to the end product.  With an effort to do this myself, I figured I would pass it on to you what I realized myself today, to acheive a goal the easiest path is a straight line.

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