What Is The MLB’s Plan, HGH Won’t Be Tested For, Yet

John Nadel Of The Associated Press is reporting:

MLB won’t be testing for HGH any time soon

By JOHN NADEL – 2 hours ago

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Major League Baseball won’t be testing for human growth hormone any time soon, even though it would like to do so.

Drug experts are looking for a viable way to detect HGH, but no athlete has ever tested positive for it. And there are even questions about whether HGH enhances performance.

“Growth hormone is widely abused by athletes,” Richard Holt, a professor at University of Southampton in Great Britain, said Monday at the daylong Growth Hormone Summit, presented by Major League Baseball and UCLA. “There is little scientific evidence that growth hormone is performance-enhancing. I think the scientists are wrong and the athletes are right.”

Holt thinks most athletes involved take multiple agents, anabolic steroids among them, not just HGH.

“In order to get the full benefit of growth hormone, you need to take it with other agents as well,” he said.

Several players were linked to human growth hormone in former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell’s report on doping in baseball, released last December.

Don Catlin, director of Anti-Doping Research at UCLA, said there’s a need to come up with a valid form of testing, be it by blood or urine.

And that, of course, means financing.

love this, we have a big break for Major League Baseball players. And they have another so called expert to thank. Just because you know the properties of a compound, doesn’t mean you know what the proper use and its capability, when used by an athlete are. Yes, if you buy HGH online, it does work best when combined with Test, and even better when you throw in certain other anabolics. But that doesn’t mean that HGH is useless when used solo, add IGF and the gains can be incredible. Where does that leave your substandard testing now, IGF won’t come up in any anabolic drug test. On top of that if an athlete uses a short ester Test like Suspension or Prop it would only take a few days to be clean, and in the interim you can continue your HGH regiment, your still going to see very good gains. This will especially look good to the player who has had injury troubles and is trying to strengthen the weak areas. I have heard of very good gains from just HGH in the 5-12 iu’s a day, very expensive, but who cares when your making millions a year. What this shows is that in order to combat steroids and HGH, you need someone who has taken these things and knows what they’re capable of. I have read many books on comedy but I’m not ready to do stand-up at the Apollo ( Theater ). The best cop is always a crook because they know how things work, and how the thief thinks. The same is true here, first you need someone that has actual knowledge of the subject and add the experience of using it, and you have the perfect expert, but for some reason using steroids destroys their credibility in the eyes of the public. This is why we will always have options on how to get juice, so I give thanks to there ignorance and say keep up the work. And please, steroid using members of the MLB, send a thank you card to them for allowing you to maintain your training style for a while longer. I know I would.

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