Advance Stealth, Why Is Stealth In There Name?

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Advance Stealth, Why Is Stealth In There Name?

I still  remember my first experience with Advanced Stealth, like it was yesterday (it wasn’t yesterday because if it was it would show up in Green Custom’s Tape). I remember how my eyes lit up as I saw 20 ml bottle of Primo for $130 ( it was a while ago so don’t quote me) , I thought no way this could be true, but after reading many good reviews on SteroriodWorld and surprisingly enough no one was payed to say these good things ( SteroidWorld doesn’t allow such practices in the first place, unlike many well known boards) . So I said “What the Hell”, and ordered that day. Funny enough, I actually got sachets, not Gay Lube Oil, or Yeast Infection Bottles, no just plain old sachets, what a concept.

Now before I totally trash A-S , I want to make one point perfectly clear.  A-S isn’t totally responsible for customs catching onto the packaging, no most of that blame goes to members of random forums , running there mouth about what they received, from who, and how it was packaged.

I hate to tell you, the Powers That Be are watching , they are on almost every board, maybe all. Even on good forums we have to watch what we say, even though, this could be time used to catch crack dealers who sell to children, but who am I to judge ( I do think the Powers That Be work hard and only follow directions, so it is not their fault). Just remember when you want to comment on service, keep it clean, no dates , no payment info, no packaging info.

With that said, everything else is A-S fault, the fact that they have not changed their packaging, even after their receiving rate went under 50 % ( these are loose estimates based on comments on several boards and overall info from my contacts) so it shows that they would rather pay off MOD’s and Owners, then put that money into research and better packaging.

This just shows where there loyalty is, to the all mighty buck, not their customers.

The sad part of this is their gear is actually pretty good, there Prop works good ( though it burned like hell) and their Primo was one of the best I have ever used.  So when your waiting to start your cycle and all you get is a package engulfed with green tape it makes you pretty angry, and when I hear almost a year later the same shit is still going on, I get real angry.

This shows their lack of respect for the consumer, and it shows an enormous amount of ignorance.

Once again I will make the same promise I made before, if I find out that your a MOD or Owner , and your taking payment to delete posts and threads to protect a scammer , I will publish your real name and home address on my blog everyday for a month.

I guarantee you will get some angry visitors.

It is time we start fighting back against these practices.

My final message for A-S is you were once a reputable source, now you are a run of the mill scam, change your packaging and your approach to selling steroids, or retire.

Paying off MOD’s will only last until I catch one and post his info and they were start to defect.  I also promise if you pull it together I will be the first to write a good article on your resurrection, until then I will be watching.

I wanted to touch base about one more source, but didn’t want to do a whole article on them.

I have used Stormy on several occasions and they always were good, they took there sweet time but it always came.

So it pains me to hear that at least 10 people I know , have ordered from them and none of them have received their gear.

I originally explained to them that he takes his time, but 90+ days is plain ridiculous.

If your retiring, that’s fine just let the people know to stop sending funds.

I guarantee if I sent info for a new order , I would receive payment information.

As a matter of fact I will.

Be careful, I would personally stay clear of both these sources until further notice.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] . Thank you.


  1. Ben james says:

    they sent me 10ml of test and 10 Deca in two small perfume bottles, they also put in lipstick, eyeliner to make it look more legit. It got opened by customs here in Australia, it still made it through, no problem. They did a good job.

  2. lorenz says:

    By the way to the guy that doesn’t know the color chart. I did find out that the red dot is prop but no idea what I have

  3. lorenz says:

    Well I had an order seized, emailed them the seizure letter, and had a new delivery in just days. I don’t know how good it is. I have a yellow dot on one bottle and green dot on the other. I know one is sus and the other is decca, but don’t know which is which

  4. newbie says:

    I have bought some gear from advanced stealth little while ago and now that their website is down I can’t figure out the color code bar for the gear I got
    I have Testosterone cyp D-bol and test Prop
    here are the colors on the bottom of the bottles i received red dot. light blue dot and another bottle with red and dark blue dot. If you have their color code please help me figure it out which is which i think the blue/red color is for D-bol please help thank you very much.

  5. Derek says:

    i bought some gear from as and there website is now down somewhere in a blog someone said they were raided in bangkok i hope not anyway does any know there serial color codes for i ordered oral anadrol and i dont want to inject that

  6. mel says:

    Ive ordered from advanced stealth bout 5weeks ago got package in 6days yes 6days was happy till i opened package was boxing oil rub now i kno they ship like that 2 throw off customs but i just got that sick feeling that ive been scammed so after nearly booking a trip 2 thailand 2 hunt down dem ladyboys lol idecided 2 try the 20cc of test e and 20cc of masteron been taking 1cc of each 4past 3 weeks n gained not 1lb my diet is very clean been traing4 23 years been juicen since 16 yes 16 iknow my shit i aslo kno stealth shit is shit i will never give dem 1 more dollar motherfuckers save your money look elsewhere there r better sources

  7. bostonpaul says:

    I had a decent experience with them too, but they are slow, and the oil is too thick imo.
    Im happy to hear the quality is good cause I have acess to 60ml of prop lol because the guy was afraid to use it because it was so thick…ha ha.
    Also 20 ml of sus. Ill have to let him know its upposed to be good I guess,have to be honest right?

    I’ll never understand why they dont research how to make the oil smoother? They would triple their business if they did IMO.

    I do not consider tham scammers at all. They could as the man said pay more attention to consumer demand and thin the oil, use the new synthetic stuff, have faster t/a times, and fast communication. At least they send you the real deal, we have to give them that.

    Thanks for doing this blog. It takes guts to tell the truth rather than “sell” the truth.
    I have first hand knowlege of those threads being erased so I know its all true. I have a lot of respect for the writer of this blog because his public critique helps keep these companies honest and the users safe.

  8. john stannard says:

    thats crazy i have ordered from them like 4 times one order was over $1,000. It took a whil and i sweated it out but everything come as ordered. i dont understand what your talking about. this shit is great cheap and very stealth. The packages come in diiferent colors different days different sytle packages ie brown bag, white small box, ect. This is done with a purpose to avoid customs. This is why the gay lube oil, vaginal yeast infection oil. Your all crazy I have turn all the guys at thegym and they all have results and have bought again. I dont understand?? Just my two cents.

  9. Pierre says:

    ask them this:why the color code on the bottles ordered does not match the color code of their chart?
    I ordered anavar,identified as blue/purple code according to their chart.So when my order arrives the bottles should have the colors blue/purple on them.That’s how I know I got anavar.Right.Well when my order arrived the bottles had red/black on them. That color is NOT EVEN LISTED IN THEIR CHART CODE. When I questioned them about it,they asked me to take a digital photo of the bottles showing the colors and email it to them.I did and 3 weeks later,I got this answer:sorry for the delay you got anavar.That’s it,no other
    explanations.When I press them some more about the serial code color not matching,I received this rude answer:we told you you got anavar.
    Until this day ,1 year later red/black is still not in their chart.$170.00 later and I don’t for sure what I got.I got taken.I will throw away the bottles.Thanks for reading this by the way.

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