Weight Loss Plan

weight loss plan

A weight loss plan is usually composed of two major elements; the dietary intake plan, and the exercise routine. For those who wish to lose weight sensibly, we have composed a sample weight loss plan which can be followed. It is worth noting that the weight loss plan is merely a guide, and individual variables will need to be taken into consideration, and adjustments made, if the plan is followed. We recommend a consultation which your GP before beginning any exercise and/or dietary plan.

The sustainable approach to weight loss

This plan does not aim to cause rapid weight loss, and it does not aim to drastically restrict calories and nutrients. A sustainable weight loss plan should be seen as a lifestyle change, and therefore must contain changes which can be stuck to for the foreseeable future. This involves a calorie restricted diet which includes a wide spectrum of nutrients, but includes food choices which are enjoyable and in serving sizes and serving frequencies which are not going to make you feel hungry.

Equally, the training plan should allow for freedom of choice when it comes to fitness activities, so the choices remain sustainable. The intensity and duration of the exercise can be gradually increased over time to allow for the unfit to gradually increase his/her fitness levels.

Diet plan

Dietary intake will depend on individual preferences, lifestyle, cultural and religious beliefs. Males are recommended to consume more calories per day than females, with the recommended amounts being 2500 for males and 2000 for females. Losing weight usually requires a calorie deficit, or in other words, to consume less calories than are expended. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to meal plans, so the dietary plan below is merely a guide and must not be stuck to rigidly.

Upon waking

2 slices of granary toast with low fat spread or high fibre cereal (such as weetabix or muesli) in milk
Item of fruit

Mid morning snack

Low fat yoghurt


Salmon / Tuna / Chicken (depending on preference) with plenty of salad
Item of fruit

Mid afternoon snack

Item of fruit


White fish / lean meat / chicken with baked potato

Drink water throughout the day to ensure optimal hydration.

As stressed earlier, this is a sample meal plan, and this should not be stuck to with conviction at all. Food choices should be varied to ensure a wide spectrum of nutrients, and changes should be made for personal preferences and to fit into individual lifestyles. Please consult a health professional before committing to any diet or exercise plan.

Exercise plan

Exercise activities will ensure accelerated weight loss via expelling a greater number of calories. Performing cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning, before breakfast, is argued to be the most optimal for accelerating fat loss, although this is not always practical. 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise for at least three times per week will be ideal for weight loss.

As previously mentioned, exercise choice will depend on individual preferences. Cardiovascular activities are those activities which typically get the heart beating quicker, and increase the frequency of breathing. Common choices include jogging, treadmill, cross trainer, stepper, cycling, swimming, rowing machine etc depending on the equipment available.

The intensity of the exercise may begin low if fitness levels are low, allowing for a gradual increase in intensity levels over time to spur progression. Exercise choice does not have to be limited, and activities such as bike riding, uphill walking and a game of tennis in the summer may provide an enjoyable cardiovascular activity.

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