Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

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Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

With the ever increasing “body perfect” popular culture more and more people are deciding to take steps to shape a more aesthetically pleasing body for themselves, yet many fail. Losing fat should be simple, yet many people seem to fail at reducing fat in a healthy and sustainable manner. We thought it would be a good idea to have a list of five simple steps anyone can take which will aid in their steps to loose fat.

#1 Starving yourself is counterproductive

For anybody with limited knowledge in nutrition and fitness, dieting seems to involve a rapid decrease in food intake with small and infrequent feedings of low calorie foods during the day. Whilst consuming less calories than one burns will result in weight loss, this method can be unhealthy and in the long term be counterproductive to your fat loss goal. The body will become highly catabolic in such a state, burning muscle tissue, reducing the metabolic rate, starving the body of vital macro and micro nutrients, and basically taking backward steps in becoming fitter, healthier, and most importantly, feeling good about yourself.

Eating small but frequent meals containing a good balance of nutrients, whilst controlling the overall level of calories, would be a much wiser choice.

#2 Do not solely focus on sit ups for a flat stomach

Performing countless sit ups will do very little in creating a thinner flatter midsection. It is a misconception that performing sit ups burns away fat from the stomach, when in reality the sit up will result in resistance to the abdominal muscles, resulting in midsection strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth) gains. If the aim is to create a firmer and flatter midsection a wise approach would be the implementation of resistance training to that particular area, but also cardiovascular and dietary changes to induce overall fat loss. The abdominals should not be trained everyday, just like any other muscle, with time needed to recover and repair from the stress applied to them.

#3 Weight and resistance training

The sight of a dumbbell will often put off many trainers whose goals are not geared towards building a more muscular physique. But it has to be recognised that performing free weight exercises will not turn you into the incredible hulk over night, and performing free weight exercises in the correct manner can very much aid you in your quest for a more aesthetically pleasing body. The main benefit of weight training for those who are focused on fat loss and body image is the impact on the metabolic rate. A weight training session can elevate, and maintain the high elevation of the metabolic rate for many hours after a weight training session has ceased.

In summary, performing two or three weight training sessions per week can aid in positive changes to body composition, releasing stress, and increase muscle strength and functionality.

#4 Forget the diet pills or shakes

With many of us getting bombarded with the latest wonder pill or powder, is it little wonder why millions of consumers pounds and dollars are spent on supplements each year? Whilst many supplements can be a great aid for the enthusiastic gym goer, they must not be seen as a tool which is going to make or break your success. Fat loss is all to do with being active, eating well and being motivated. Sugar filled slimming shakes, or the next wonder pill should not be seen as the answer.

#5 Have fun

I believe the reason why many fail on their quest for a fitter, slimmer and healthier lifestyle is due to the fact they do not find it fun. The strict regime of dieting and countless hours on the treadmill is not for everyone, and if you do not enjoy it, how is it going to be sustainable? You need to find foods which are healthy, yet you enjoy to eat. Find activities which increase your heart rate, but you enjoy. Swimming, biking, walking, playing tennis or badminton with some friends each week, all will be fun and a positive step in reducing body fat.

I hope you find the above brief points helpful. Feel free to post up your comments, or questions. We would also love to hear your fat loss tips and advice!

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