Vaseline-Gate Leads to New UFC Cornerman and Cutman Rules


In light of the recent allegations that Georges St. Pierre’s cornerman was greasing GSP’s back with Vaseline, the UFC has made some changes to the rules cornermen must follow.  Here is the scoop as reported by MMA Weekley:

“According to sources close to the situation, the UFC has now instructed that cornermen associated with the fighters will no longer be allowed to handle the Vaseline used in between rounds to treat and prevent cuts.

The UFC will now provide one cut man for each corner for the fight. Only two people are allowed to enter the Octagon between rounds so if a cut man is necessary to apply Vaseline or work on a cut, one of the other cornermen working with the fighter must exit the cage to allow the cut man to work.”

Hopefully these new rules will keep stupid cornermen like GSP’s cornerman from doing things that look illegal.  I also hope that it will keep sore losers like BJ Penn from making excuses.  All in all, this is a good change that will stop these types of Vaseline-Gate incidents from happening.

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