The Ultimate Fighter…do We Need The Drama?

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The Ultimate Fighter…do We Need The Drama?

I remember it like it was last season, Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonner in a 3 round war, exchanging hay-makers and leg kicks in what was arguably the most significant fight in MMA history. This battle put the UFC on the map and paved the way for where the UFC is today. With this epic battle, we tend to forget some of the other great fighters that made up The Ultimate Fighter season 1 cast; Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Josh Koscheck. Ohh that Koscheck…yes he was a jerk and yes he got under people’s skin, but admittedly he did this just to get his name out there…and who can blame the guy now, it worked! But despite Koscheck’s attitude, people tuned in to watch a good show with quality fighters.

Now 8 seasons and tons of damaged property later, we are in Season 9. This season we were blessed with the likes of Rob Browning, Junie Browning’s little brother. And who can forget Junie Browning? Probably one of the most well known TUF contestants, and it definitely wasn’t for his fighting skills. But honestly, can you blame the guy for acting like an ass? Yea I know what you’re going to say…”Junie was a jerk”, “He didn’t deserve to be on the show”, “ How can you defend this guy”, but just think about it for a second….They stick a bunch of testosterone driven dudes in a fat ass house with nothing but a pantry filled with hard liquor. How do you think they’re going to act? Josh Koscheck already proved that being a dick pays off.

So naturally a guy with nothing to lose like Junie Browning is going to take it to that next level of assholeness. Dana White should’ve kicked this guy out 3 times over, but when ratings are shooting through the roof, why would he? Obviously Dana White is a smart business man, no one can argue with what he’s done with the UFC. But at some point, a fighter is going to get physically hurt as the result of the antics of a future “Junie”. Rob Browning tried following in his big bro’s footsteps with his drunken antics and crazy charades which were obviously all for the camera. His fighting skills however were just as bad as his acting skills and he was bounced out before getting a spot in the infamous TUF house. But what if he did get into the house? This begs another question. How far is Dana White willing to let these crazy antics go? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching.

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