UFC 100 Payout

The numbers are in for UFC 100 payouts, and I have to say, it’s a bit steep, and a little bit unfair, but that’s just me.

The new heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar earned $400,000 for his seven minutes of tossing Frank Mir around the cage like a chew toy. Lesnar’s figures do not reflect a win bonus because he didn’t get one. Mir walked away with $45,000, kissing goodbye the $45,000 win bonus. Had Mir won by some miracle, that number still totals less than $100,000! Not even a quarter of what his abuser made. But votes cast by viewing fans in the hours leading up to the fight showed that support was basically split down the middle, only slightly favoring Lesnar.

Likewise, reigning welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre also made out with a cool $400,000 for his five-round win over Thiago Alves who walked away with $60,000.

I’m starting to wonder what’s happening to our beloved Frank Mir? How could he possibly agree to fight Brock Lesnar for as little as $45,000 when other, less prestigious fighters, if you will, signed on for $15,000 more? Going against GSP isn’t easy, but the Lesnar/Mir fight was the main event of the evening! Has Mir been hit in the head one too many times? Did he not realize the bargaining chip he should’ve had in negotiating his payout? Not only that, it’s probably going to cost more than $45,000 to fix Mir’s pretty face. Yeah, he’s got insurance, but I’m just saying….

Dan Henderson also hit it big, bringing home $350,000 which includes a $100,000 knockout bonus for turning out the lights on Michael Bisping in the second round. Bisping also walked away with more than Mir, making $150,000.


A complete listing of the payouts is as follows:

Brock Lesnar – $400,000 (no win bonus)

def. Frank Mir – $45,000


Georges St. Pierre – $400,000 (including $200,000 win bonus)

def. Thiago Alves – $60,000


Dan Henderson – $350,000 (including $150,000 win bonus, $100,000 knockout bonus)

def. Michael Bisping – $150,000


Jon Fitch – $90,000 (including $45,000 win bonus)

def. Paulo Thiago – $8,000


Yoshihiro Akiyama – $160,000(including $20,000 win bonus, $100,000 fight of night bonus)

def. Alan Belcher – $119,000 (including $100,000 fight of night bonus)


Mark Coleman – $100,000 (including $50,000 win bonus)

def. Stephan Bonnar –- $25,000


Jim Miller – $22,000 (including $11,000 win bonus)

def. Mac Danzig – $20,000


Jon Jones – $18,000(including $9,000 win bonus)

def. Jake O’Brien – $13,000


Dong Hyun Kim – $58,000 (including $29,000 win bonus)

def. T.J. Grant — $5,000


Tom Lawlor – $116,000 (including $8,000 win bonus and $100,000 submission bonus)

def. CB Dollaway – $14,000


Shannon Gugerty – $10,000(including $5,000 win bonus)

def. Matt Grice – $7,000


Note: These numbers, sent to Sherdog.com by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, are disclosed pay only. They do not include additional pay such as sponsorships or percentages of pay-per-view revenue.

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