TUF 10 Full Roster of Contestants

We all have heard the Kimbo Slice will be getting a shot at the UFC via a “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 10 contestant, but until a recent leak, there were few indications of who might grace Kimbo with their presence in the TUF house. Below are the names of the fighters who have been revealed so far.

Kimbo Slice: The Street Brawling Youtube Star.

Roy Nelson: Former IFL heavyweight champ who is known for his unathletic looking build.

Matt Mitrione: Former NFL player and MMA new comer. Trains with UFC fighter Jake ‘the Blanket’ O’Brien.

Wes Sims: Went 0-3 in the UFC a few years ago, but never got much further.

Marcus Jones: NFL defensive end from 1996 to 2002. Training MMA since 2007.

Jim York: New Zealand Mixed Martial Artist who knock James Thompson at one time.

Wes Shivers: Former NFL player and a late replacement for Rex Richards, also a former NFL player.

Justin Wren: A very large man who has an impressive wrestling background.

Mike Wessel: Wessel made it into the UFC by accepting a fight on a week’s notice. He lost, but was given a spot on TUF as a consolation prize.

Zak Jensen: Wrestler out of Minnesota who has a 7-3 record with losses to TUF alumni Brad Imes and Mike Whitehead.

Abe Wagner: An unknown fighter out of Nebraska with a 6-2 pro record

Scott Junk: Another fighter who was unsuccessful first time the UFC gave him a shot back in 2007.

Jon Madsen: A brand new fighter out of Matt Hughes’ gym

Darrill Schoonover: A US Army veteran who boasts a 10-0 pro and 5-0 amateur record.

Brendan Schaub: Trains out of Greg Jackson’s gym and is a Shane Carwin sparring partner.

Tom Blackledge: 8-6 fighter out of Michael Bisping’s camp.

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