Top 5 Figures Who Need an MMA Debut; Kurt Angle, Rickson Gracie, Chuck Zito, Mike Tyson, Jesus

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Top 5 Figures Who Need an MMA Debut; Kurt Angle, Rickson Gracie, Chuck Zito, Mike Tyson, Jesus

Brock is back and it’s awesome.  Hate or Love him(gotta admit I love him), the guy is fun to watch.  Frank Mir’s new found obsession with beating Brock, makes him more compelling than ever and I can almost find myself rooting for him in the rubber match.

This article I want to touch upon the 5 top figures I’d like to see step inside an MMA ring.

5- Kurt Angle

Angle flirted with MMA for almost three years and never took the leap of faith.  Jay Larkin the former COO and VP of the defunct IFL, offered Angle a back end deal to fight Ken Shamrock on PPV….Angle turned it down.  Angle, who has been a frequent guest on the Bubba the Love Sponge, mentioned facing Randy Couture in a submissions match.  He also hyped “big announcements” regarding his MMA debut….it never happened.  Angle is now 42yrs old and his ship has most likely sailed.  It would have been interesting to see the guy who was rumored to have “owned” Brock Lesnar in backstage rough-housing(WWE times), actually fight.

4-Rickson Gracie

Your either saying “WHO?!?!?” or, “He was in the INCREDIBLE HULK!!!”.  If you recognized him in the “Hulk” movie then you know the hype and the legend.  Yea, I know he did partake in actual MMA competition, but he never faced true opposition.  He’s alleged to have over 500 victories.  Yet we never saw him take on a name opponent.  Some think the sport of MMA and the UFC would have never garnered enough steam to become what it is today had the Gracie’s chosen Rickson instead of Royce to carry the family torch.  I’d like think we’d be right where we are today…..minus the Rickson mystique.

3-Chuck Zito

This guy was a Hell’s Angel.  “’Nuff said”?   Nuff said doesn’t cut it in the Internet world…so in case you’re not familiar with who he is, I’ll catch you up.  He’s a former stunt man, amateur boxer, bodyguard, and best of all, knocked out JVD.  He also has his own Sirius radio show and brags about his “extra-curricular” activities and has toyed with the idea of stepping inside a cage and proving his metal.  So far it hasn’t happened.  Yet many of us would have like to have seen how the baddest dude to watch a famous body would have performed.

2- Mike Tyson

“Iron” Mike was THE baddest dude on the planet.  Jesus H. would have done a double take if he saw him with a hammer in his hand.  The UFC tried luring him but the money wasn’t good enough.  Fans would bring “Tyson vs Gracie” signs to UFC events but it never happened.  Pride FC signed him in desperation when he went bankrupt and hoped his exhibition demos would lead to an eventual MMA fight.  Never happened.  Instead he ate himself out of fighting shape and chose beating up the paparazzi instead of actual fighters.  It would have been fun watching boxings “bad man” tap.

1- Jesus

Tapout has shirts that read “Jesus didn’t Tap”.  Of course he didn’t; his hand were tied up.

All kidding aside you have to wonder what would have happened had he stepped inside a ring.  You have to believe the small undersized man would have have found a way to win no matter what the size of his opponent….a la Royce Gracie.

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