Top 10 Reasons to Watch Strikeforce Lawler vs Shields…Or Not

1. Who doesn’t like a 1st Round knockout in the Main Event?

“Ruthless” Robbie Lawler has ended 15 of his 18 wins by knockout, including his last 5 fights.

2. Who doesn’t like to see winning streaks end in a knockout fashion?

Jake Shields has won his last 11 fights, including ending his last 7 fights with either a submission or knockout.

3. Sometimes its fun to watch top contenders beat down not-so-top contenders.

Bret Rodgers has no business being in the same ring as Andrei Arlovski. This match is going to remind me of MTV’s Bully Beatdown. Would they let Kimbo Slice fight Arlovski? Who knows, but I’d want to see that fight too.

4. Nick Diaz isn’t as good as people think he is and Scott Smith is going to prove it.

Now Nate Diaz – he’s got submissions coming out of his ears.

5. Because two guys on their way out of the sport equals a fight to see who goes first.

It’s funny to think that people actually want to see Joe Riggs and Phil Baroni fight still.

6. How many main cards feature fighters who have lost 7 out of their last 10 fights?

I guess if you can say you’ve suplexed Fedor like Kevin Randleman can then you never know what’s going to happen and deserve to be on the main card.

7. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the action by the CageCam referees wear during the fights.

8. Because if you live on the West Coast, the only way to watch it live is through the internet for $24.95, which is a bargain for the 5 friends you’re inviting over to huddle around your computer.

9. They won’t make you watch the undercard.

10. To support the sport of MMA and to see how many wrong predictions are on this list.

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