To Help Even One Person

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To Help Even One Person

I had one my readers contact me with a very good idea today and after reading the title of his E-mail it hit me. To help even one person was at the end of the title, and it struck me right then. I do this to help, even if it is just 1 person, and the type of help I give isn’t the type that gets 1000’s of letters saying so. Nope it is the type you don’t hear about, so you won’t hear about it in the Newspaper because a guy got badly hurt by not knowing how to inject or what precautions to take.

Not at all, my reward is knowing that maybe one less person will do something stupid with steroids each day, and give the enemy less ammunition to blame us for. So I have thank that man who wrote me today because he made me realize an important idea today that may help me today to help more people tomorrow.

As a side note, to all my steroid using bros please wear decent and normal clothes to the gym. Speedos aren’t something you should wear, and God made spandex for women. Don’t get me wrong I wear a white tank top and some sweats or shorts to the gym, but it covers my junk.

I have seen way too many men (most of the time they are so out of shape) walk into the gym half naked or with skin tight stuff that makes them look naked, and think that everyone is checking them out. Not the case my brother, they are laughing and mocking regardless of your shape.

It just isn’t cool, so for the 2009 we should all take a pledge that says no more speedos or spandex for men this year, that would be a good start. Just my opinion and a little bit of fun to go with it.

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