It’s Abuse That Is The Problem, Not Use

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It’s Abuse That Is The Problem, Not Use

I am so sick of so called “Unbiased Viewpoints” stating that steroids are so dangerous and that the mere use of anabolic steroids can cause death.  It is the same with guns, guns don’t kill people, morons with no clue and no self restraint , kill people.  Why is it that inanimate objects are always the blame for ignorant tragedies?  Well it goes back to the Jose Canseco issue, people refuse to take responsibility for themselves.  With steroids I have never witnessed anyone who used steroids properly, get severely sick or lose their life.  By no means am I saying it is 100 percent safe but name one thing that is.

I read that a kid died from drinking too much water while playing some stupid game in his Utah home.  Water killed him, ok!  So this leads me to my thought, abuse is the problem, not use.  Anything in excess can be dangerous, gambling, prescription drugs, drinking alcohol (and water for that matter) and pretty much everything else in this world.  I do admit that steroids do have side effects, but used properly these effects can be minimal and sometimes non existing.  That doesn’t mean there can’t be adverse effects, but with the needed precautions, the problems are rarely serious.

For most, they place the steroid user and the steroid abuser in the same class, but that is as practical as putting the prescription user in the same class as the drug addict.  Doesn’t sound right or realistic, does it?  Instead of placing the whole steroid world against you, why not focus on the members who really need help, the juice addicts.  Well, the reason being is that would really take an unbiased viewpoint, and we won’t see one from their side, that would mean admitting fault, and none seem to do this anymore.  So as a community we need to help our own, if we help clean up our own venue, then it will be a lot harder for them to place blame on us.

If you don’t take the proper time off in between cycles, the effects can be irreversible.  You can be placed on Test for the rest of your life, and while that sounds like a good plan, I can guarantee that their are several people with that issue, that will tell you different.  Pro Bodybuilders is a topic for another time, but the recreational user has to understand that nonstop steroid use in the long run, is less beneficial then you may believe.  The gains will come to a halt and your dosage will sky rocket to unreasonable heights, just to receive average gains.  While I doubt outside help and understanding are on their way, I feel the responsibility falls on us, the responsible steroid user.  So do your all to help your fellow juicer and always practice safety.  Hope I helped.

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  1. RealDrS says:

    Abby, you sound like you have downs…. You have no clue what you speak of and the fact that you state one use can greater alter type natural state shows everyone how little you know. Test is naturally produced in the human body, so with proper dosing and proper use, it would only torn your body to an earlier state. Please reach out to me any time, if Dr S won’t straighten you out, I will.

  2. Abby says:

    Dude, read a few books on the matter. 1-time use CAN kill people, and has, many times. Yes, abuse is much more serious, just like abuse of hard drugs is more likely to cause harm than single use, however it doesn’t change the fact that steroids increase blood pressure, and heart rate, while damaging liver and kidney function. A single use MAY cause irreversible damage, or even elevate someone’s heart rate or blood pressure high enough to cause AMI, or stroke. Educate yourself before posting bullshit online. You’re going to get someone hurt.

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