Be An MMA Super Hero. Throw The Superman Punch!

Want to end the fight quick? Throw the powerful Superman Punch. Here is a short video that shows this brutal strike, and some instructions on how it’s done. Keep in mind that this is an advanced move and will take some practice to get it right.

How to throw the superman punch:

1. Stand your normal fighter’s stance with one leg forward and one back. Your weight should be evenly distributed and your center of balance low. The distance between your two legs should be about shoulder’s width apart.

2. Bring your back leg forward similar to how you would do a front kick, but swing it back when you begin to punch.

3. Punch with the corresponding arm as your leg swings back. (Your leg acts as a counterbalance, providing more power to your punch.)

Watch the video, follow these instruction, and practice. The next time you have an opportunity, you’ll be able to show your opponent that you aren’t just a fighter; you’re a super fighter, your a World Extreme Fighter. Hit him with the Superman Punch and put him away.

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