The Trial And Errors Of Cycling

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The Trial And Errors Of Cycling

The fact of the matter is I have been in the steroid game for quite a while, I started way too young , which I regret ( starting too young not using steroids ) so I have done quite a few cycles . Now I figured I would revisit them and the results I got from them ( by no means am I suggesting anyone to do these cycles ) , and remember these are not beginner cycles, beginner cycles should be test only.

As a matter of fact here are what a beginner cycle should look like :

Test Enthate 250-500 mgs a week for 10-12 weeks or

Test Cypionate 250-500 mgs a week for 10-12 weeks or

Test Prop 75-125 mgs Every Other Day for 8-10 weeks.  Prop is for anyone that doesn’t mind sticking themselves 3-4 times a week, but it rewards you with early gains.

All cycles need to be followed by a proper PCT ( Post Cycle Therapy )

My first cycle , well because I didn’t know anything was just D-Bol, gained 10 pounds and lost it as soon as I stopped  I lost it all, this is why oral only cycles aren’t practical.

My next cycle was Deca and Primobolan , which was closer , but I was still clueless.

My gains were decent , but half way through I lost all sex drive and ended up not lifting as much as I should.

In the end I ended up with gains of about 6 pounds, no PCT, so once again I needed to learn, so I started reading.

I did a few more unwise cycles along the way, like Deca and EQ, and Deca by itself.

Then I finally learned , Test is the base of every cycle, without it , it is like building a house without a cement foundation, it won’t be sturdy nor will it last.

Here are some of the cycles that followed.

Remember these are NOT beginner cycles, and to do a cycle like this with no experience is VERY reckless.

One of my favorites:

Test Prop weeks 1-15 100 mgs EOD

Primobolan weeks 1-14 600 mgs a week

Anavar weeks 1-8  50 mgs a week

I gained around 14 pounds and lost a good amount of fat ( diet plays a big roll in this ) this is a pretty mild cycle and does good things , but not for the guy looking to get huge, more for the person who wants lean mass.

To Get Big , This One Was Unreal ( for an advanced user only even still not recommended ) :

Test Enthate weeks 1-16 at 500 mgs a week

Test Prop weeks 17-24 at 125 mgs EOD

EQ weeks 1-16 at 600 mgs a week

Nor Decanoate weeks 1-12 400 mgs a week ( I know big supressed npta , but it would be regardless with such a long cycle )

Anadrol weeks 1-8 50mgs a day ( Liv -52 is a good combo with orals )

Tren Acet weeks 16-24 150 mgs EOD

This cycle was followed by the Anthony Roberts PCT, and I gained around 25 pounds and only lost 5 pounds ( water weight ), and kept the rest.

Another Good Leaner :

Test Prop weeks 1-10 150 mgs EOD

Test Suspension weeks 11-16  75 mgs ED

Masteron weeks 1-10 at 150mgs EOD

NPP weeks 9-16 150 mgs EOD

This was a good cycle with very minimal gains , but my appearance changed drastically.

Very good, very mild.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at [email protected] Also feel free to stay updated on Twitter , I am under DrSteroids.

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