The Forums Are Endless , But Good Information, & Good People Are Not.

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The Forums Are Endless , But Good Information, & Good People Are Not.

This always seems to be a hot topic, which forum can I trust…… Well that is a damn fine question, and also a hard one to answer.

There are many forums that don’t have the members best interest in mind, but have such a large following , and have brain washed soo many that it is hard to see the forest through all the trees.

The main points are , any site that erases post that oppose a sponsor, is corrupt I don’t care what the reason.

Right there they show that their pockets are more important  than the members that have accrued.

Another issue to watch for is , when the veterans of the board are flaming newbies for little or no reason, not an environment conducive to proper learning.  So I decided that it is time to review the Boards I actual spend time on , and trust.

 The reason being is this is an ever changing thing, a few I frequented  last year , I no longer go to , mainly because change isn’t always good, and protecting your sources will get you banned from my list.

So as most know , my home board is, and love that forum because for the most part it is no non-sense, and the main priority is the members , and not the sources.

You are free to speak your mind ( as long as it is respectful ) , and  as a matter of fact , I personally destroyed Axio on the Board and it happen to be a source there, without any back lash.

The reason being  is I did it respectfully , and I had proof.

So to get to it here is a list of boards I currently visit: ( Home Base ) ( Great Board For Our Bros Up North , We All Know How Hard It Can Be Up There)

These are all good boards and suggest that you don’t waste your time elsewhere , but I have to say what I love to talk about is new boards.

They have all the potential in the world when they first start and they have a chance of  following in the footsteps of few other quality boards.

That’s why I try to get involved to see if I can help it move in the correct direction.

On that note I have recently taken to a new Board , and have become a MOD on there in an effort to help it grow.

The plan behind it is interesting , and his goals are huge.

The board will be equipped with resident Bodybuilders, Power-lifters, and knowledgeable Vets.

So if your looking for a good board , in its early stages of development here is the place.

People don’t understand how fast a Board can build , and how much help each person can be to a new Board.

If you know your stuff or need to learn I recommend checking this it out.

The owner is an ex-Power-lifter, and was an elite athlete in college and the Pro’s. With over 20 years of training under his belt, the knowledge starts at the top, and doesn’t dilute as you go down the depth chart.

The man is also very experience in many aspects of  lifting , as he is an owner of a gym.

Some may say that all forums are the same, that’s like saying all colleges are the same , yes they all have there points but not even close to being the same.

So make sure your influences are positive, and medically sound ( no I don’t mean to take it as medical advice , but make sure there is a parallel to medical info ), otherwise you may not enjoy the growth as you should.

 The problem is , bad advice may not cause injury or medical issues immediately , so you may think the advice is sound, but eventually it will catch up. I wholeheartedly believe that steroids don’t hurt people , bad advice and  incompetence do.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] Also anyone interested in advertising on my blog please contact the address above.

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  1. Steve says:

    I think that is often a problem, not simply with the forums but with a lot of information that you can find out there. People usually have good intentions when they give it but it isn’t always what you wanted. I guess that is just how it goes.

  2. SoreButtCheeks says:

    Sadly SW is a paysite so most of us didn’t get to read your “Axio destruction with proof” thread, please repost it here on your blog 🙂

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