Sidelined By A Minor Injury, And What I Plan To Do About It

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Sidelined By A Minor Injury, And What I Plan To Do About It

After lifting one day I felt an ache in my shoulder, it was an unusual.

So much more so when I bring up the fact I hadn’t done shoulders since last week.

So I rested for a few days, not one of my favorite things to do but I did. Especially now when I am that much closer to putting up the big 500 on bench ( but maybe that is one of my issues also ).  So I gave in and saw my Dr and he stated it sounded like a bone spur, but to be safe he did x-rays ( as a side note being an athlete , I should be able to glow in the f-ing dark , I have had so many x-rays ). They came out clean , other then the bone spur, so I was off to figure out how I was going to adjust my training schedule.

Well I was sitting there in all my pissed off, and feeling pissed on, glory.

I had to control the situation , as always, so I tried to plan it out. I would rest a few days and then I would attempt some light shoulder raises.

Seems ridiculous , but when you think the younger of me would have left the doctor’s office and headed to the gym to do ” Shoulders”. So to me this was a rational thought, but a wiser more mature me ( I have no idea where it came from ) said shut up and listen to your body.

So the new plan is to take my time, listen to my body and go from there.

What makes this even more impressive is , it’s at the end of a cycle which means I am standing still when I should be gaining the most.

This is the most important fact , I would rather lose 2 weeks , then to lose 6 months , and there isn’t much to do about it after you pushed too hard and blew your rotatordo when an -cuff.

Prevention is always the key, think about it in two weeks you might lose a couple of pounds, and a few more  that would have been gained . So maybe a total varience of 6 pounds, if that.

Then you account for the difference of what I would lose if I was sidelined for 6 months, I would probably not lose too much weight , because I would just become a fat bastard.

To be honest when I am not lifting , it all falls apart.

I wouldn’t eat right, not cardio would be in sight.

I mean I totally self destruct, mainly because I get the fuck – its, it’s an all or nothing type of world for me.

The main reason I write about my own experiences is because , I watch so many people panic when they get a minor injury or get sick ( I happen to be lucky enough to get both ) , and get all anxious on what to do. Some decide to lift and get injured , others panic and end their cycle , while some just whine and cry about something that really isn’t significant.

 The point being, a week or two lay-off is not significant , especially when you have been lifting for 16 years like I have ( not saying that’s all that long ), it is not much time in comparison.

Listen , there are some small injuries you can work through , but shoulder , knee , back ( especially lower back ) , and neck are the ones I pay attention to and refuse to underestimate.

So remember , listen to your body and rarely will you mess yourself up, listen to your ego and your doomed and dumpy.

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Thank you.

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