The End Of This Blackmail Issue Part 1

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The End Of This Blackmail Issue Part 1

I have spent the last few weeks dealing with the Deadweight v. WP incident, and I have had enough.

Now it is time to end the rumors, end the non-sense , and call out Deadweight and make him accountable.

As you seen in my previous post, WP was held accountable and came forth and passed on a sincere apology.

 The only way to explain something is to start at the beginning.

This all started when World-Pharma offered a well known member of a few boards a chance to sample their product.

After receiving the samples, the member ( we will keep him nameless for our purposes )  found one of the bottles of gear to have what seemed to be contaminates ( not a debatable point because I don’t have proof either way, and also a point to take up with Asia Pharm not the resale company  )  . He contacted WP where they offered to fix it by sending more gear, however the member felt like consulting a Vet , so he asked advice from Deadweight ( of ). He thought the guidance would help him better handle the situation.

I call this “The Mistake”, this is where a manageable situation becomes unmanageable.

The next point is just a hunch, but when DW realized the situation was too good to pass up , so he figured he could profit in a big way, and figured blackmailing and throwing around his popularity was the right thing to do.  So a wave of  e-mails destined for WP’s e-mail address were sent.

The problem is now Deadweight is claiming that Wp said they would hand them over to Customs and than he sent a Blackmail letter.

I have all the e-mails and that is not even close to the truth.This does not seem like a guy who is protecting his fellow forum buddy, it looks like a guy trying to gain and misuse his powers as a Vet and a MOD to gain and extort a reliable source, which a rare commodity . So his story is all wrong, and if you review my comment area on the original Blackmailer post , you will see our good friend DW stating he attempted to blackmail WP so they would threaten with Customs ( which he claims he knew would happen ) , this comment also contradicts himself on his board where he stated the Custom’s threat came first.

Notice he also states a few unsavory comments about other nationalities, a real stand up guy.

Part 2 of this situation will be posted soon, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected]


  1. 300 says:

    Angelo, buddy, apparently you’re mistaken. Come on everyone…Group hug. 🙂

  2. deadweight says:

    I GOT YOUR BULLSHIT STRIGHT UP YOUR GAPPING ASSHOLE FAGGIT…ME BEING SOFT AS COTTON.YOU COULDNT WALK IN MY SHOES BITCH…IT WOULD BE TO MUCH FOR YOU.BECUASE IN MY WORLD THERE IS NO GOD THAT SAVES ..There is no mommy or daddy to cry to..i tell you what fucker you u want war you got my email or we can take it by phone.i dont hide or back down from no one….your attemp to edge shit on shows me your nothing but a snot nose kid still sucking on your mothers nipple..Death will follow you boy…..dw

  3. Angelo says:

    That’s some funny shit right there. Hey Dr S. I think deadweight comment about water under the bridge was his tears hitting the keyboard. Holy shit he turned out to be as soft as cotton after all that bullshit he was talking.

  4. deadweight says:

    fair enough bro…time to move to more postive things now..and iknow drugs are apart of the sport…hell steroids are drugs but in my mind its not a drug to get loaded on …its to help us get pass our sticking points….I will admitt.I abuse steroids and Myabe one day i will pay for my actions…but painkillers and downers and uppers…its bad enough the sport has a bad rap and to put more drugs into the mix this sport will be taboo in the eyes of many people…anyway,i have a heart and im sorry that i offened u and attacked you…and really i have no hard feelings towards you… far as im concern its water under the bridge.let it flow down stream and wash away………….peace deadweight

  5. DrS says:

    Fair enough, my job is to hold everyone accountable , even myself, and I had an issue with drugs when I was younger and I paid for it dearly, but unfortunately xanax and valium have become a part of the game BB’ers have used both of those and opiates to mask pain and injury for decades. I don’t condone any of that but many sources do it. I can’t fight them all. As for you all I wanted was for you take responsibility and admit your error, and I guess the below is the closest I will get so I will take it. They have apologized for their mistake and are paying for it in the form of lost money, and they admitted their wrong doing , but should not pay for false rumors that were sent around the forums. WP made it square with Deuce , well some what, and so everyone needs to move on……. We all only have to answer to 2 people, ourselves and God…

  6. deadweight says:

    my name is clear bro..My intentions wasnt to black mail anyone…im not dum enough to give wp legit addy to send gear to after all the shit that went down…i cant help it if you cant read between the lines…And come on dude WORLD PHARAM sells hard drugs such as XANAX AND VALIUM…That is a disgrace to this commuinty..Hell he should go ahead and sell meth on his site…This sport is not about being a drug addict..its about health and fitness…But if your promoteing hard drugs like XANAX and VALIUM thats like saying its ok to take these drugs in our sport….Its a number of things about WP that is shady…i told you from the start maybe me sending wp that black mail letter wasnt the smartest thing to do but i did it out of angry..But i swear n my life that wasnt my intentions…As i said if i scammed anyone or blackmailed anyone in this commuinty let them stand up and be counted…Facts are bro i havent scamed no one….my record is clean..If anything i give more then i receive….Im allways helping out someone in need..its not my nature to scame or take advanage of people…But what you did is twisted my whole concept up and taking what i did as my main intentions…which is far from the truth…and realy i could care less bro if that is u that u on that blog that wrote that about wp…But i can ensure you that its the truth…WP is a drug pusher and if he cared about this commuinty he wouldnt be selling hard drugs on his web site..Its sicking…AND I LOOK AT DRUG USERS AS SCUM..If i ever seen anyone passing drugs to my kid i would put a bullet in there fucking head….WP is bad news …And whats really sad hes a real doctor in life and hes pushing junk on people…hard drugs to finished with all this bullshit man..ive spent enough time on this matter…i know where i stand and if you cant accept it thats your problem….i dont need to prove no more ..what it is .thats the way it is….There is no jury here its all a matter of oppion….dw

  7. DrS says:

    So if that is me , do some research , show how the writing styles are similar , which they are not , and then prove that is Llewelyn, it is a bullshit site that doesn’t have any type of validating information , and I will show you how , be patient.

  8. snow says:

    Deadweight…bro. You need to chill out. If said allegations are not true then it would be wiser to have a civilized conversation and see if this all might be a misunderstanding. World Pharma might have some crappy business practices and are unreliable but there not scammers. Just like most big international sources.
    It just seems like the way your so pissed and writing multiple threats it kinda shows your character. If things arent true then take the proper steps to clear your name.

  9. deadweight says:

    sorry dipshit…thats you…and everyone knows it you…lier little fucker….dw

  10. DrS says:

    It is funny you say never order from WP , I actually have an Itemized list of everything you tried to order ( and by order I mean blackmail ) from them… You are an uneducated moron, and please read over all my posts, and compare the writing style, and then take a look at the profile where it claims I am from Indiana, you couldn’t pay to even joke about about living there, no offense to the state……. And for the record genius it is Customs….. And Llewelyn is an author of several books , and has a good education background and would not be caught dead making such allegiations, secondly Millard Baker over at Meso is one of Williams top retailer for his book so HE WOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAINST HIM , so please get a clue…. Man your points are so stupid I actually feel bad for you…. At least have the lies you make have some logic to them. As for posting some site where people inpersonate me and Llewelyn, I will be fair and not remove it from my comment section but it seems factless, but I will leave that to the people to judge…… Nice try, and I am oh so scared Billy, your going to bring more of your factless non-sense. I do have an offer for you, you bring me documentation that WP handed over your address to Customs and I will personally shut them down… GOt to go retard , but can you do me a favor , can you have a great day….

    PS- As I stated , I have a real job outside of steroids and blackmailing ( unlike you ) , so I do not need to be paid off I post the truth ask your boy Deuce… He brought me facts and I fixed my position, so the idea one of them could afford to pay me off is hilarious….. You Clown Shoe

  11. 300 says:

    Do you honestly believe those complaints are sincere? There was someone spamming the Meso and bodyofscience boards at the same time those complaints were being made. It’s obvious the same person made those complaints as well. Apparently he’s some sort of competitor. He kept saying the same things in all his posts (rants). He also said S.B.C and Anthony Roberts were the same person! What a freakin idiot! Do you also believe that was the actual DrS and William Llewellyn talking shit on the complaints board? If that’s the case, I have a bridge to sell you…

  12. deadweight says:

    ok DRS…Now lets hear this is not you.goahead and lie about this too.and who gives a fuck you have a real jod fagit..I do to…Ive had the same job for 16 years…You could never out work me or match me in real life…..your beneath me….Like your the only fuck head that works for aliving…And who gives a fuck you have more followers on your blog then MH …More then likely your followed by nothing but dumb founded dipshits…facts are fagit…WP is a scammer and your backing him up…So many people standing up and being counted by being scammed by WP..And here u are on blog saying the truth about wp and now youR swiching shit around….YOUR A LIER…A PAYOFF…A SCAM PROTECTOR…..iF ANYONE IS READING THIS BLOG DR S IA A REAL SNAKE…DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON HIS BULLSHIT….HES HELPING OUT A BIG TIME SCAMMMER……AND DR S SHOULD BE LABEL AS A SCAMMER…HIS MASTER MIND IS TO SCAM AS MANY PEOPLE AS HE CAN ALONE SIDE WITH WP…DONT EVER ORDER SHIT FROM WP..YOU WILL GET FUCKED…DW

  13. DrS says:

    I am not protecting WP, as a matter of fact I am holding them accountable for their actions as you can see by their apology on my site…. Now it is time to hold you accountable……. Not protecting anyone but the members of the steroid sommunity that cannot protect themselves….. I have only stated that you blackmailing them is wrong , and since this has happened you have dragged them thru the mud but , they use to be a source on your forum …….. Funny, your points have no fact behind them, if you bring me fact showing them scamming , FACT…. But in the process , if you succeed , will show you took a scammer and placed it on your forum… HMMMMMMM?

    Fact – you attempted to blackmail WP
    Fact- You used WP as a source on
    Fact – you have done nothing but dodge the situation instead of acknowledging the error and moving on.. That shows a lot about your character, you feel you are above everyone and dn’t think you did anything wrong…

  14. DrS says:

    I have more readers than active members on your forum , Listen I have a real job, and I didn’t go to scholl for all those years to stay home to respond to your unfactual non -sense… Post it where I said Wp is a scammer and burns people , please I beg you. Learn how to read, and my grammar skills are sub-par for my level of education , but yours is sub-par for a fourth grader….. Please just step forward and take responsibility for your blackmailing and stop looking for reason to dodge it . I have the screen shot of where you admitted to blackmailing them. I do also know you took it down to cover your tracks, funny but I saw that coming and took the screen shot , your caught … The scary part is you might have helped hundreds of people on that board but because you feel that you popularity makes you above accountability. Just admit , acknowledge the mistake and move on , otherwise how can anyone ever take you serious , when all your lies have been called out and more are to come..

  15. DrS says:

    Please post where I said they were a scammer… They have been an advertiser on here for over a year moron .. I said they are a pain in the ass and need to stop there spamming but the quality has always been high as far as the gear I have seen. That is funny you try to spin it then address what you did wrong. Funny, so please post and also take a look when I first introduced them you moron. There is a huge difference between being a pain in the ass then being a scammer. Their advertising actions on forums are not acceptable , none of this has anything to do with their quality or that your a two bit blackmailer…..

  16. deadweight says:

    Reponding……NO?…Let me guess, your balls are deep in muddy waters and your trying to figure a way out you fucken hypocrite…Take your tail bewteen your legs and speak up……expalin yourself!!!!!..Why the change of heart towards that scamming Parasite?What was your HIDDEN AGENDA by changeing your mind towards WP?You know that infected scab is as guilty as charged!!!EXPALIN YOURSELF!!!!!….Everyone is waitting for your side…Even your little crowd of founded dipshits that follow you…..They are waitting for more lies to read….Facts are you write so much bullshit you fall on your on blade….Pull the blade out get back on your prozac and spit out the truth….No more time to talk like some babbleing Monkey….Face the facts and expalin yourself…….deadweight

  17. deadweight says:

    Its a fact that 180 days ago U made a complait towards AsiasPharma…I can post the blog but i want to know your intentions Why u have changed you mind?You very well know that WP is a world class scammer..I mean you said it all in the blog…And now you hang his bannner and take sides with a SCAMMER…A proven scammer.First u warn people about this cancer and now you side with this scammer….You cant take back what u wrote.SO,why the change of heart?Hmmm,maybe a BIGTIME PAYOFF…Becasue facts are WP plays members free gear to bump his threads..I should know i have a bunch of e-mails asking me to bump threads at many boards.WP own words,”I give you free gear to bump threads”…What the fuck is that type of shit?Sounds like some shady shit to me….Thats how the fucker operates….So,dr ?..why have u changed your mind?Or should i post the blog complaints which you wrote the TRUTH about WP….And now u lay in bed with the scammer sucking his dick…..Something fishy is going on…You have fallen from grace and now u made your bed and now you got to pay……dw

  18. deadweight says:

    AND ?AND?AND?Really none of this shit matters …Let me ask you….WHat addy would he send this gear too fuck face?Like im to be so fucking dum knowing he would copy and paste this shit…U think i was born yesterday?…You think i didnt know he wouldnt try to use this agaist me??Are am i this fucking dum not to know?I can ensure u bias little bitch i KNOW BETTER..I PLACE AN ORDER AND HAD IT SENT TOO A UNKNOW ADDY BUT I ALSO KNEW THIS BITCH WOULDNT SEND IT IN THE FIRST PLACE..iTS LIKE A HAUNTING…mAKING THIS LITTLE FUCKER PAY AND HES GONNA PAY MORE AND YOU TOO BUT…..Look it doesnt matter now…What matters is that YOUR protecting A BIG TIME SCAMMER…I HAVE MANY REPORTS ON THIS SCAMMER WP=DR?…Sending people FAKE GEAR/taking money and nothing in return…These reports are MANY.Hell, WP=DR? HAS SCAMMED MORE THEN THE POPE…..You think this balckmail letter is going to hurt me?..Ive done siad my side and my reasons PERIOD….LOL…fucking retard…Botton line your a SCAM PROTECTER…YOUR APART OF WP BIG PAYOFFS and YOU WOULD SELL YOUR MOTHER FOR A BUCK…Hmmm..i bet that bitch can suck a dick!!!! I have u figured out …Who u are and what you repersent.I WILL BURY U alive…and you are fucking right im a ractist..Because u and WP ARE THE SAME RACE Very well could be the same person WP=DR.?..I know u pal.You bias spinless little bitch.First blood is a bitch but secounds is a mother fucker…..
    WHY DONT YOU GO AND try and DISprove WP=DRS IS NOT A SCAMMER…YOU WILL LOSE!..Because facts are you wont beable to prove hes a stright up dude ..Not with the reports i have…Besides,i forgot your one of WP=DR S? payoffs.Why would you TRY to disprove that WP=DR? IS A SCAMMER?The truth is ,DR S = WP u need more then some phony ass blackmail letter u need sickness and fatal blows in your world.Thats what the fuck you need WP = DR STEVENS….You have whats coming ten fold……dw

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