The Drive For Perfection

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The Drive For Perfection

Whether it’s 300 lbs and under 12% body fat, or it’s 210 and 6% body fat, every one of us has an image in our head on what the finish product should look like.

We work out hard and do unGodly diets.

We lift until it hurts, and then we lift some more.

I have pushed aside everything including dates to go and lift.

It becomes an obsession at times.

So why do we do it?

I think we are this way from birth , we don’t know it until the first weight is lifted.

Once it is there is no turning back, we are weight junkies, going as far as taking steroids to strive for perfection.

The purest does it for themselves, no one else.

Others strive for women’s attention, but it is not there fault! 

What happens when we reach our goal, well we celebrate for a brief moment, flex in the mirror for a while, and then maybe a pic or 200. Then we move on to our next goal.

This never ends, I don’t believe Ronnie Coleman ever said I am big enough, nope , the drive for your perfect physique is that of an addiction, whether it’s crack or heroin,  its just as intense ( not trying to down play these serious addictions ).

We chase this image like our lives depended on it, and do nothing but fall short because behind every goal is another one, and we all fall short , whether your Dexter Jackson or me Dr. S ( some may fall shorter then others ), we will all fail.

But don’t  fool yourself, that won’t stop me from waking up tomorrow and starting all over again.

We do because we know we will fail, we do it for health, we do it for the hell of it.  We do it for the LOVE OF LIFTING.

That’s where my head is right now, so thanks for reading.

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