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The Average Personal Trainer

I attempted to get a job as a personal trainer while I was working on my current degree, and because I didn’t have a certification through some bullshit on-line association , even though I had my B.S, I was unable to get the job. The guy who did get the job didn’t know his ass from his elbow, but 4 hours on the Internet made him more qualified then me. Even though I had years of experience training several people, including one amateur bodybuilder, it didn’t matter.  It is things like this that make me wonder.

So think about it, you join a new gym , and there  they are pushing some certified personal trainer on you. So you say “why not”. Whats the first day of personal training consist of? Circuit Training!  What a fucking joke.

My my 4 year old cousin can’t get increased muscle volume from that, so why would a grown man.  Most of these half-a-morons barely graduated from high school.

And most are of one of two classes- a fat dump who I wouldn’t let them train my dog, or have unbelievable genetics and don’t work for their build.

Neither can help the average guy, let alone an advance athlete that uses steroids,

I had a member of one of the boards I frequent , state openly in a thread that his personal trainer told him to stack Primobolan, Winstrol, and Tren Acetate for his first cycle.

I could spend an entire week explaining what is wrong with this idea, but I will keep it simple.

Everything is wrong with that statement.

No test involved, and test is the only thing that should be involved.

Now I don’t fault the rookie, he didn’t know any better.

I fault the douchebag trainer that made believe that he knows what he is talking about.  And trust me this is happening in gyms across this fine country.

So when you are offered a free hour with a personal trainer, ask to speak with him first, throw a few scenarios at him, like if I want to lean out, or I want to bulk up, see if his response changes and whether it seems practical.

If he tries to circuit train you , tell him this doesn’t go and see if he shows you something different.  I have been watching for 2 months now at my new gym, it is very quiet, but I watch this one guy about 45. He comes 4 times a week and works out with this woman personal trainer, and she has him do one set of each body part and 4 separate 10 minute rounds of cardio.

To be honest I think he has actually gotten fatter in this time.

She always brags how she has been doing this for 20 years, and this fact just saddens me even more.

In the end , the average guy on one of the many forums knows a large amount more then the average personal trainer, there are some great ones out there but good luck finding one. To the good personal trainers I salute you, keep up the good work.

For the shitty ones I say” GET A FUCKING CLUE, YOUR USING PEOPLE”S ISSUES AGAINST THEM”. Because nothing makes a person quit the gym faster then no results.

Please feel free to send any comments or questions to [email protected] . Thank you.


  1. Muscle Builder says:

    jeah those ”trainers” are even dangerous if i can say so…

  2. James says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and if it was not for you I would have screwed my self up royally. I appreciate that you are loyal to your readers , you answered me right away when I e-mailed you. Keep it up guy.

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