Texas ” The Nothing Better To Do State”

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Texas ” The Nothing Better To Do State”

So another UG lab goes down in Texas, what a big F’ ‘ ing surprise.  why are we even reading  this stuff, how stupid would you have to be to continue to produce steroids, when known friends were arrested.

I recall about 8-9 months ago AR and others predicting that Texas would be hit hard again.

And here we are, a few week removed from operation Juicey Phruit , and here we are , talking about another bust.

It amazes me the level of intelligence it takes to be clueless enough to get caught now.

These are the people we entrust to make quality products.

I am however tired of this though.

When was the last time you heard of a wide scale raid of Crack houses like this, or of sweat shops.

Well right now that’snot the big thing in the news, and most politicians only want to be involved with the notable issue.

I saw a ad on TV today about Chris Dodd and how he is here for the people, which  is true, those who received those mega bonuses from our hard earned tax money were people, they just weren’t us. So it is correct, he is for people, people that put huge amounts of money in his pocket, which to be honest I can’t do. SO funny enough , we should call the dirt bag MOD’s that steal from there friends, politicians from now on…..

I had a thought, I know scary right, but this idea was to make the position of politician, a non paying job and lets see who really wants to help this country.

Well we can start by the halt of wasting millions of dollar to have irrelevant raids like operation Juicey Phruit, and Raw Deal.

Ok then we take back all the money those scum bag CEO’s misused and vacationed with.

Then we take all the bribe money all the interest groups have kicked up to the politicians , over say  the last ten years, and I beat we would have a much more balanced economy.

And I didn’t even start to talk about many other corrupt areas.

So, for the exceptionally stupid, lets recap, making, selling , lookingat steroids in Texas is BAD. Continuing to produce them even after a major bust where 4 out of 5 will snitch, is really, really BAD.  I do have one challenge for these brainiacs that requested these bust, show me the stats that show the crime rate going down since these busts.

Oh ya, they arrested tax paying, overall good citizens.

I guess that’s that.

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